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马斯顿教授与神奇女侠 Professor Marston & the Wonder Women中英字幕下载

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电影:马斯顿教授与神奇女侠(Professor Marston & the Wonder Women)




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马斯顿教授与神奇女侠 Professor Marston & the Wonder Women中英字幕下载预览

 烧掉 烧掉 烧掉Burn them! Burn them! Burn them!,根据真实故事改编,Frank小姐 我想提醒你我是自愿来这的Ms. Frank, I'd like to remind you that I came here voluntarily.,不 你来这是因为除非我阻止No, you came here because your superiors will fire you...,不然你的上级就会炒了你...unless I tell them to do otherwise.,如你所知 由于目前的争议As you know, we are reviewing your handling of Wonder Woman...,我们在审核你对神奇女侠的处理- ...given the current controversy.,你们要把她交给别人吗- You're gonna give her to someone else?,她的巨大成功都是因为我 我创造了她She's a smash success because of me. I created her.,Marston博士 神奇女侠因为内容中涉及大量Dr. Marston, Wonder Woman has drawn criticism...,捆绑 打屁股 折磨 同性恋...for being full of depictions of bondage...,与其它变态性行为受到批评...spanking, torture, homosexuality, and other sex perversions.,你认为对你作品的这种评价公正吗Would you say that's a fair assessment of your work?,我能理解I can see how people with,对我的作品了解丝毫不了解的人a fairly limited understanding of my work...,可能得出这样简单的结论...could arrive at these simplistic descriptions.,当然 他们错了They'd be wrong, of course.,你能解释一下你的话吗Would you care to explain yourself?,你正常吗Are you normal?,什么是正常What is normal?,心理学在哈佛大学是门新兴的科学Psychology is a young science at Harvard...,在我们这所j姊妹校...and here at our sister school,,拉德克利夫, 同你们这些年轻小姐一道Radcliffe, with you fine young ladies...,我们才刚刚...we have only just now,从哲学系拆分出来broken away from the philosophy department...,进入我们自身的学术领域...into our very own distinct field of study.,我们本学期学习的内容是感情Emotion's what we will be studying this semester...,尤其是其与欺骗的关系...specifically as it relates to deception.,我创建了人类感情的一套模型I've invented a model of human emotion...,我们的探索将围绕其展开...which will guide us through our investigation.,DISC理论DISC theory.,我将在你们身上实验我的理论I will be testing my theory on you.,我发誓你们都会探索出自身的真相I make a vow to you all to discover the truth of who we are.,我很期待与你们大家一同踏上这场冒险And I look forward to undertaking this adventure with you all.,如果有学生自愿帮助我And students who wish to volunteer to help assist me...,和我著名的助手兼妻子...and my notable associate and wife,,Elizabeth Marston女士的Mrs. Elizabeth Marston, please...,请在登记表上签名 谢谢...add your names to the sign-up sheet, thank you.,Dean又坚持要我们给他收据Dean is insisting we give him receipts again.,我不知道他为什么不去银行工作I don't know why he doesn't go work in a bank.,那个混蛋又拒绝了我The cocksuckers denied me again.,比起部里所谓的"男人"I'm smarter, more rigorous, more accomplished than,我更聪明 更严谨 也更有能力any of the so-called "Men" In this department.,他们会给你颁发拉德克利夫的学位They will issue you a degree from Radcliffe.,那个学位就是一坨狗屎 你清楚的That degree is a load of horseshit. You know it.,才不事 由同样的教授所教It is not. It is taught by the same professors,,拥有同样的标准it has the same standards.,正是 如果都是一样的Precisely. If it is the same work...,那我为什么不能得到哈佛的博士学位...then why can I not receive a PhD from Harvard?,- 就因为我有条阴道 - Elizabeth- Because I have a vagina? - Elizabeth.,你把酒藏哪了Where did you hide the liquor?,我们要做一番大事业We will make a great discovery.,我们要做一番大事业We will make a great discovery...,这样他们就不得不承认我们...and then they will be forced to acknowledge us.,你真是太出色了You are very brilliant.,我知道I know.,比我聪明Smarter than me.,我也知道I know that too.,亲爱的 我们 我们不能在实验室里像动物一样操起来Dear, we... We can't fuck in the laboratory like animals.,为什么不能Why not?,我要复交我的申请I'm going to resubmit my application.,我这次要一直交到理事会去I'm taking it all the way to the board of trustees this time.,你能不能别流口水了I'd appreciate it if you stop drooling.,她自愿要协助我们 她的申请是顶尖的She signed up to assist us. Her application was first-rate.,看那些打转的男孩女孩Look at the boys and girls circling.,他要上了He's gonna do it.,她的美貌让她比起其他的姑娘更有优势Her beauty gives her an advantage over the other girls.,不 你不是认真的吧 她的美貌No, you can't be serious. Her beauty?,- 美貌是种阻碍 - 哈- Beauty is an albatross. - Ha.,不 她卷入一场战争中了 看到了吗No, she's at war right now. See?,看她转开眼神的方式Watch how she averts her eyes.,如果她和那个男生有过长的眼神接触If she makes eye contact with that boy for too long...,他就会误认为她对他有兴趣...he will misunderstand and think she's interested in him...,之后当她无可避免地拒绝他的时候...and then when she invariably rejects his advances...,他就会认为她是个荡妇...he'll think that she's a slut.,同时 那个她旁边的金发姑娘就喜欢那个男孩Meanwhile, the blond girl next to her fancies the same boy.,哦 那个金发姑娘冲动地恨着我们这个姑娘Oh, the blond girl hates our girl with a passion...,感情如此凶猛简直让她坐不住...so fierce she can barely sit there.,但他们还都不得不But they both have to...,坐在那 微笑 伪装...sit there, and smile, and pretend...,因为那是她们选择的生活...because that's the life they've chosen.,那你选择了什么And what have you chosen?,我选择了你I've chosen you.,我想研究她I want to study her.,她会伤透你的心的She'll break your heart...,只留一具空壳...leave you eviscerated,溺在你自己的精液和苦水中in a pile of your own expended semen and bile.,别这样 亲爱的 太夸张了- Oh, please, dear, the hyperbole.,哈哈 那也不是她的错- Ha-ha. It wouldn't be her fault either.,她只是求生存 如用丛林中的动物She'll just be surviving, like an animal in the jungle.,它们生来就有皮毛 利爪 尖牙来生存They're given fur and claws and teeth to survive.,- 好吧 做吧 - 你不会嫉妒吗- Well, then, do it. - You won't be jealous?,不 我没有性方面的嫉妒感No, I don't experience sexual jealousy.,我何必与自然过不去Who am I to fight nature?,我是你的妻子 不是你的狱卒I'm your wife, not your jailer.,这是台测谎仪It's a lie detector.,或者说我们能让它运转的话 它就会是Or it would be, if we could get it to work.,现在它只是一堆垃圾Right now it's just a pile of crap..
    我是Olive Byrne 新的助教I'm Olive Byrne, the new teacher's assistant.,知道了Yes.,- 为什么它不能运转 - 呃- Why doesn't it work? - Uh...,不能决定确切测量的对象Can't determine what exactly to measure.,我们需要供心理学分析的单位We need a physiological unit of analysis.,我也叫你Marston教授吗Should I call you Professor Marston as well?,嗯 可能吧 如果哈佛把他妈的博士学位发我的话Mm. Possibly, if Harvard would give me a fucking PhD.,- 甚么 - 你的职责是协助- Sorry? - Your duties are to assist...,我和我的丈夫完成我们的研究...me and my husband with our research.,我们把我们的文章放在靠墙的文件柜里We keep our papers in the filing cabinet along the wall.,请你自行熟悉我们目前的研究笔记Please familiarize yourself with our current research notes.,你有什么问题吗?- Do you have any questions?,我有很多问题 但我想我自己能搞懂- I have many, but I'm sure I'll manage.,哦 如果你上了我丈夫 我就杀了你Oh, and if you fuck my husband, I'll kill you.,- 什么 - 呵- Excuse me? - Heh.,听着 我替你遗憾Look, I feel sorry for you.,不 说真的 我真的这么想 不是你的错No, really, I... I do, it's not your fault.,是 你的美貌 就像是It's, um, your beauty, it's like a...,就像是一种残疾Well, it's like a handicap.,就像有三条腿之类的It's like having three legs or something.,- Marston女士 我 - 不 没必要有防卫心- Mrs. Marston, I... - No, there's no need to be defensive.,我只是请你帮个忙I'm just asking you the,就是不要上我丈夫courtesy of please not fucking my husband.,你能做到吗Can you do that for me?,可以Yes.,谢谢你Thank you.,现在 如果你不介意 Marston教授和我Now, if you wouldn't mind, Professor Marston and I like...,- 下午要喝咖啡 - 当然- ...to have coffee in the afternoon. - Of course.,华美的女士--gracious lady...,奥林匹斯山上最美的女性...the fairest of all the virgins who live on Mount Olympus.,这献给你 亲爱的女士This is for you, dear lady...,女猎手Diana 纯洁的Diana...Diana the huntress, Diana the pure.,我替你种下这片花园 华美的女神I've plotted this garden for you, gracious goddess...,没有牧羊人敢领羊群穿行的草甸...A meadow where no shepherd brings flocks to graze...,不好意思打扰一下 我是Olive Byrne 新的助教Sorry to interrupt. I'm Olive Byrne, the new teacher's assistant.,啊 你好Yes, hello.,Marston女士说您下午要喝咖啡Uh, Mrs. Marston said you liked coffee in the afternoon.,哦 好 你见过我妻子了Oh, good. You met my wife.,- 是的 - 请坐- Yes. - Please, sit.,哦 不 我真的应该回去了- Oh, no, I really should get back to...,不不不 请坐吧- No, no, no, please. Sit.,我很高兴你能加入我们Well, I'm very glad you could join us.,你没事吧Are you all right?,没事Yes.,那 和我讲讲你自己吧So tell me a little about yourself.,呃 恐怕没什么好讲的 真的Uh, I'm afraid there's not much to tell, really.,你订婚了You're engaged.,是的Yes.,那 你为什么对心理学领域感兴趣So, what makes you interested in the field of psychology?,呃 我不知道 我Uh, I don't know, I...,那些女生 我姐妹会的人The girls, my sorority sisters...,她们 说你的课很有意思 而且...they, uh, said your lectures were interesting, and it...,- 什么 - 合我的时间表- What? - Fit in my schedule.,我认为人的思维令人着迷 我I find the human mind fascinating. I...,不好意思 我不认为这是个好主意I'm sorry. I don't think this was the best idea.,- 什么 - 我不知道为什么- What is? - I don't know why...,她会说这么糟糕的话...she would say such awful things.,不好意思Excuse me.,但你说过你没有性上的嫉妒But you said you had no sexual jealousy.,但我有职业上的嫉妒But I do have professional jealousy,,而且我们现在做的工作and the work that we're doing right now...,很重要 我不能容你搞女学生...well, it's critical, I can't have you panting after some coed.,- 之前你说没事的 - 我改主意了- Before, you said it was all right. - I changed my mind.,如果你如此渴望理解女人的思想If you desperately want to understand the mind of a woman...,先从这个开始吧- ...you can start with that.,你惹那个可怜的姑娘哭了 Elizabeth- You made the poor girl cry, Elizabeth.,我请你不要上我丈夫的时候When I asked you not to fuck my husband...,我很抱歉 我不是想侮辱你...I'm sorry, I didn't mean to insult you.,- 我什么都没做 - 我知道 你没错- I've done nothing. - No, I know, you're right.,我只是不知道为什么女人和男人I just don't know why women and men...,那也是我想给你们两个工作的原因That's why I wanted to work for you both...,因为我认为你们能告诉我是为什么...because I thought you could tell me why.,我什么都没做 依旧 没人能看到听到我自己I never do anything, and yet, nobody sees me or hears me.,只有嘈杂 敌意和谎言It's just all noise and hostility and lies.,对不起 我没想惹哭你I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you.,我想学习I wanna learn.,我崇敬你 我I admire you, I...,读过你的论文...read your paper on the,色彩与情感状态的关系correlation of color and emotional states.,你读过我的论文You read my paper?,他们不肯授你学位简直是犯罪It's criminal that they will not give you a degree.,你不用编一套词来哄我You know, you don't need to feed me a line.,我没有 天啊 你到底有什么毛病I'm not. God, what is wrong with you?,她既神经质 又控制不了 这么形容应该准确She's neurotic, also compulsive. I'd say that's accurate.,我们能喝点威士忌吗Would it be possible to get some whiskey with this?,那是违法的It's illegal.,来吧Come on.,去哪Where?,如果你没拒绝好好生活How are you going to learn,那关于生活你能学到什么anything at all about life if you refuse to live it?,哦 不 亲爱的 我不同意你说的Oh, no, darling, I have to disagree with you.,- 哦 我真意外啊 - 不 弗洛伊德都是狗屁- Oh, surprise, surprise. - No, Freud is full of shit.,不 我要条阴茎干嘛No. What would I want with a penis?,说真的 要长一个器官时时刻刻Seriously, it would be exhausting to have one organ...,指向你生命的追求就太累了...constantly directing the course of your life.,Olive 你想要条阴茎吗Olive, do you want a penis?,- 不 - 你认为你有阴茎嫉妒吗- No. - Do you think that you have penis envy?,我不知道那是什么意思 抱歉I don't understand what that means, sorry.,你能不能别道歉了Will you stop apologizing?,你知道你一分钟要道歉几次吗Do you know how many times a minute you apologize?,抱歉Sorry.,Elizabeth 亲爱的 阴茎嫉妒是种比喻Elizabeth, peach, penis envy is figurative.......