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 ♪ 当我是个小男孩的时候 ♪♪ Now when I was a little boy ♪,♪ 五岁那年 ♪♪ At the age of five ♪,♪ 我的兜里揣着点东西 ♪♪ I had somethin' in my pocket ♪,♪ 许多人赖以生存的东西 ♪♪ Keep a lot of folks alive ♪,♪ 现在我是个男人了 ♪♪ Now I'm a man ♪,♪ 年方二十一 ♪♪ Made twenty-one ♪,♪ 宝贝你知道 ♪♪ You know baby ♪,♪ 我们可以有很多乐趣 ♪♪ We can have a lot of fun ♪,♪ 我是个男人了 ♪♪ I'm a man ♪,♪ 拼作 m ♪♪ I spell m ♪,♪ a ♪,♪ n ♪,♪ 男人 ♪♪ Man ♪,♪ 噢 ♪♪ Oh ♪,喂?Hello?,我们做到了We did it.,♪ 噢 ♪♪ Oh ♪,实际上这并不太在意料之外Well, it wasn't such a surprise.,我知道 希望我能胜任吧Oh, I know,I hope I can live up to it.,是啊 责任很大Yeah, such a responsibility.,准确地说是责任重大Huge, actually.,非常重大Huge.,♪ Spell m ♪,♪ a ♪,♪ n ♪,♪ 男人 ♪♪ Man ♪,喂?Hello?,谢谢 谢谢你打电话过来Well, thank you.Thank you for calling.,不会 完全不会 没关系No, not at all, it's fine.,你对我来说很重要 好极了You're at the top of my list...marvellous.,好极了Marvellous.,♪ 噢 ♪♪ Oh ♪,别担心 我不会忘了你的But don't worry,I won't forget you.,♪ 男人 ♪♪ Man ♪,♪ I spell m ♪,♪ a ♪,比尔Bill.,比尔Bill!,♪ 男人 ♪♪ Man ♪,♪ 噢 ♪♪ Oh ♪,艾普尔April.,珍妮特Janet.,-恭喜- Congratulations.,你做到了You did it.,我对你深表同情 珍妮特My condolences, Janet.,一旦你登上了人生巅峰...Because once you've reached,闭嘴 戈特弗里德Shut up, Gottfried.,你真是光芒四射 珍妮特You're a star, Janet.,我为你骄傲I'm proud of you.,虽然我认为民主早就完蛋了Even though I think,谢谢你 艾普尔 至少你还是和以前一样Oh, thank you, April.,实际上 我现在没有喝酒了Actually, I'm not drinking,- 你开始有不一样的感觉了吗- Do you feel different yet?,这件围裙让你看起来确实有点像个部长You do look slightly,21世纪 后现代 后后女性主义的那种In a 21st century, post-modern,,我还没来得及感受这件事 最近实在太忙了Well, it hasn't really sunk in,,嗨 妈Hi, Mum.,你做到了 是的 你总是能做到You did, yes,you always did.,是的 他很为我骄傲Yes, he's very proud.,他一直He has.,他一直很支持我H-He's been really supportive.,嗯 我很幸运Well, I'm lucky.,那个...妈Listen, Mum...,家里有客人 我可以晚点再打给你吗Um, I've got guests over, can I,,你确定你不想喝点?Are you sure you don't want to?,- 你是...?- You are um...?,对 没错Yes. Yeah.,我是比尔I'm Bill.,我想应该是吧I think.,我以前是Well, I used to be.,很好笑That's very... very funny.,那不是玩笑It wasn't a joke.,哦Uh-huh.,好吧Okay.,我懂你I hear you.,别告诉我你在冥想 戈特弗里德Please tell me you're not,正常点行吗Pull yourself together.,艾普尔 可以过来一下吗April, can you?,她真美She's so beautiful.,谁Who?,艾普尔April.,玛莎Martha.,哦Oh.,我是个很幸运的男人I'm a very lucky man.,- 珍妮特在哪儿- Where's Janet?,正在厨房证明即使她手握政治大权Proving she can still,但她依然可以在必要的时候in the kitchen when necessary,倒腾出一点吃的来despite her political prowess.,珍妮特 真是太棒了 好极了Oh, Janet, it is wonderful,这完全是女性的胜利I-It's a triumph for womankind.,好吧 这是所有人的胜利Well, for any kind, for that matter.,你那日渐衰落的党派终于有个有原则 有进取心的人At last, your ailing party,来执掌卫生部的大权了with principles, as well as ambition.,谢谢你 玛莎 说得还挺真心的样子Well, thank you, Martha,you look as if you really mean that.,我当然是真心的 你傻吗Well, of course I do, you fool.,我非常为你骄傲I am very proud of you.,我知道比尔也一样As I know Bill is.,让珍妮特来准备晚餐吗 你可真是好人啊Letting Janet do the catering, are you?。
    我想你这么多年保持完美I suppose you're exhausted,现在应该精疲力尽了吧from all these years,这点尚存争议Arguable.,好吧 这些都值了 你这个才华横溢的混蛋Well, it was worth it,you brilliant bastard.,她到达顶峰了She's made it to the top.,祝贺你啊 你这个老失败者Congratulations, you old failure, you.,每个成功的女人背后 都有一个...Behind every successful woman,,闭嘴 戈特弗里德 你的陈词滥调真是让人无法忍受Shut up, Gottfried.Your clichés are unbearable.,只请了一些密友 你当然也是其中一个Just a few close friends,which you are, absolutely too.,嗯 明天怎么样Well, how about tomorrow?,现在开始每个人都会对珍虎视眈眈了Everyone's gonna want a piece of Jan now.,他们会把她生吞活剥的They're gonna eat her alive.,不用担心她Oh, don't worry about her.,外表像个女孩 思维像个男人Looks like a girl,thinks like a man.,灵魂雌雄同体 总是真正坚毅Androgynous soul,always had true grit.,这不就是我吗 其实Sounds like me, actually.,但我们的不同之处在于But the difference is,,珍妮特真心相信Janet actually believes change is achievable,议会政治是可以带来变革的through parliamentary politics.,你今晚有点太安静了 比尔You're rather quiet this evening, Bill.,别再打过来了嘛Will you please stop calling?,别打了Stop it.,我现在没法说话 一直有人进进出出的It's impossible to talk,people keep coming in and out.,很好Terrific!,嗯 那我们明天早上见吧Well, um, I'll see you tomorrow morning, then.,期待与你会面Looking forward to it.,拜拜啦Buh-bye.,我来开 我可是部长指定的看门人Mm. My job. I am the gatekeeper by order of the Minister.,- 金妮- Jinny.,你看起来依旧很苗条You still look pretty slim.,玛莎到了吗Has Martha arrived yet?,她在里面 跟你的老朋友在一块呢She's in there thumping your old pal.,珍妮特在厨房 如果你想...Janet's in the kitchen,if you wanna...,不了 谢谢 我需要马上见到玛莎No, thanks.I really need to see Martha now.,你就这么想她?You're missing her that much?,婚姻真是一个自以为是得让人无法忍受的制度Marriage really is an insufferably smug institution.,我喜欢I like it.,好吧 戈特弗里德和我要分开了Well, Gottfried and I are separating.,这是我们最后的晚餐This is our last supper.,- 嘿- Hey.,- 什么- Excuse me?,- 三个- Three.,所以 还有谁要来So, who else is coming?,只有汤姆和玛丽安了Just Tom and Marianne.,美丽的玛丽安 旋转女王Hmm, the beautiful Marianne,the queen of spin.,和她英俊无比的丈夫And that ridiculously handsome husband of hers.,可惜他是个有着某种神秘能力Too bad he's a wanker banker with a mysterious ability,能从他人的不幸中牟利的卑鄙银行家to make millions out of others' misfortunes.,你怎么会邀请他们Why on earth have you invited them?,她和我从现在开始要一起工作了She and I will be working together from now on.,你是说 你要成为她的上司了?You mean, you'll be her boss?,我其实不用这个词 不过我想是的吧Well, I don't actually use that word,but yes, I suppose so.,所以 她将成为你的下属 为你做着无数杂活的同时So, she will be your underling,taking copious notes,盘算着某天将你取而代之while plotting how to take your place one day.,实际上 我和她相处得很不错She and I are on very good terms, actually.,我们要共用一个办公室了 她是我们团队的We'll be sharing an office now.She's on my team.,你可要有眼福了Lucky you.,能一直看着那盘亮条顺的美人Gazing on all that genetic good fortune.,艾普尔April.,你觉得比尔还好吗Do you think Bill's all right?,我是说 这是我们一直想要的I mean, this is what we have always wanted.,而且他一直以来都是鼓励我的 但是现在他好像...And he's always encouraged me,but now he just seems...,- 喝醉了- Drunk.,听着...Look...,如果丹尼斯·撒切尔和菲利普亲王If Denis Thatcher and Prince Philip,可以无怨无悔地跟随他们的女性领导者could trail behind their female leaders without complaint,,那么比尔也可以then so can Bill.,喂 你好Hello?,谢谢 谢谢你打来Well, thank you.Thank you so much for calling.,噢 艾普尔 见到你真棒Oh, April, uh, lovely to see you.,好久...好久不见了Um, it's been,it's been too long.,不敢相信这么久了 你一个人来的吗 玛丽安呢Impossibly. Are you alone?Where's Marianne?,玛丽安不巧有点事耽误了Ah, Marianne's been delayed unfortunately.,她... 她让我转达一下歉意She says... sends her apologies.,她会尽量在...吃甜点的时候赶到She's gonna try and get here for...uh, dessert.,哦Oh.,棒极了Marvellous.,- 或...或者 吃奶酪的时候- Or-or-or cheese.,- 也许喝咖啡的时候- Uh, coffee perhaps.,艾普尔 请问洗手间在哪里Um, April, where's the bathroom, please?,盥洗室Lavatory.,厨房 女主人Kitchen. Hostess.,男主人Host.,是汤姆That was Tom.,他在盥洗室里He's in the lavatory.,穿着一身极其名贵的正装Wearing an extremely expensive suit.,玛丽安没来?No Marianne?,晚点再来 遗憾Later. Pity.,另外 比尔好像在开什么舞厅似的Meanwhile, Bill seems to be running some sort of disco.,我希望戈特弗里德没有在跳舞Oh, I hope Gottfried isn't dancing.,我最好去看一下I better check.,操Fuck.,拜托 别打了嘛Please. Stop. No more.,我也是 我也是Me too, me too.,你他妈的要失去她了 汤姆You're gonna fucking lose her, Tom.,你他妈的要失去她了 汤姆You're gonna fucking lose her, Tom.,真他妈...Ah, fucking...,廉价Cheap.,珍妮特 真好Janet, wonderful.,真好 天大的好消息Wonderful, wonderful news.,我一点都不惊讶I'm not a bit surprised.,真的吗 好吧 我倒是有点Really? Well, I am.......