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 是对东方及东南亚的亚洲人的蔑称,其最初主要是美国军方在战争期间对敌方的蔑称,尤其在朝鲜战争和越南战争期间,嗨!快开车门Hey open up.,等等,老兄Oh hold on, man.,Eli!别来无恙啊Eli bro, what's good?,有什么事儿- Yo, what's up?,看看我的电子表,你已经迟到了My digital watch, you're late.,你他妈为什么总像个波多黎各佬那样说话Yo why the fuck you always talking like a Puerto Rican?,你不是来自他妈长滩吗Aren't you from fucking Long Beach?,为什么你老是要和我这样交流Why you always getting on me like that?,不,我来自马里布Yeah, no I'm from Malibu.,你才不是来自他妈的马里布You're not from fucking Malibu.,怎么样,你想买这批货吗?我买的What's good man, you want the goods? I brought it.,让我看看Let me see it.,先给你看样品,老兄Check out the samples first, bro.,你知道弄到这批货得有多难吗You know how hard it was for me to get these?,太疯狂了,现在街上的人对这些鞋的狂热跟快要死了似的,简直就是疯子Crazy, people were like dying in the streets for these right now, man, it's nuts.,就只是为了这里的几块橡胶Just for these little pieces of rubber right here.,靠近点,闻闻Go ahead, smell that.,- 还是新的- Fresh.,所以你决定买了,对吗?So you want em, you want em?,是的,先把鞋给我- Yeah, let me get the shoes.,就是这些,准备好了吗?要放下来了哦There we go, boy, you ready?,好,把它们给我Yeah give them to me.,去你的Fuck you.,哦,系统出故障了Oh, system malfunction.,先把鞋子放下来,拜托了Yo just bring them down, please.,好啦,老兄All right come on, man.,你知道我一个人很孤独的You know I'm lonely, dude.,拿去吧,我的朋友There you go, for my homie.,嗨,老兄,听着Hey, bro, look.,我知道我们的友谊不值一提,但我需要你手里的现金I know we friends and shit,砰 !Bow.,就是这么回事儿,你可以走了Dang, that's what's up. You rolling, bruh.,嗨,先等一下Hey, hold up.,等一下Hold up.,诶,怎么回事,美工刀?Hey hold on man, box cutter?,你在干嘛啊,老兄What you doing bro?,没问题,没问题I'm good, I'm good.,呐,内裤还在里面吗?Ah man the panties in there?,去你的Fuck you.,- 你看新闻了吗- You keeping up with the news?,警察正在对黑人施暴Cops are beating up black folks and stuff.,这整件事都和罗德尼·金有关(罗德尼·金事件)t's that whole Rodney King shit, man.,我知道他们会把这事处理好的,但现在到处都是摄像机I know they got stuff going on but cameras are everywhere now.,就好像他们现在正被逮捕,无处可逃Like they getting caught, can't get away with nothing.,你怎么不下来帮我一把Why don't you come down and help me?,哟,你不会是想把这些鞋子装进你那小不拉几的车里吧Yo, you're not gonna fit that in that little shitty ass car.,要把它们塞进去可不容易啊,对吧Hitting them squats them kind of hard man, no?,去你的Fuck you, dude.,别这样啊,我只是想你了Come on man, I miss you dude, that's all.,那让我操你妹Yo let me fuck your sister.,你在说什么呢,去你的Man, fuck that, dude, fuck you.,我操!这箱子塞不进去Fuck yeah, this shit ain't gonna fucking fit.,- 哟,怎么了- Yo, yo what's up?,- 哦,我操- Oh fuck.,哟,别把它们放回卡车Yo, don't put them back on the truck.,- 用你的大腿- Use your legs.,用你的大腿使劲,赶紧Just use your legs, hurry up.,兄弟,镇定地走过去Ah, fuck, bro, peace out, dawg.,祝你好运,EliYo, good luck, Eli.,Brah,下车检查一下这个穷小子Brah, check out this little chino right here, eh.,看看这傻子到底有什么Let's see what this fools got.,嗨,中国佬,你哪儿的?Hey where you from, ese?,操你大爷的Man fuck you!,什么?中国佬What ese?,你说我什么来着?废物What you say to me, punk?,你要干嘛,干嘛What's up, what's up?,你说我什么来着,再说一遍啊,中国佬What you say, what you say, ese?,你想被打吗You want to bang, ese?,你想被我们打是不是?You want to bang on us?,现在满意了吧,废物Don't feel bad now, huh, punk?,很幸运我不要你的链子,中国佬Lucky I don't take your chain, ese.,快回家找你妈哭去吧Send you home crying to your momma.,走吧Let's go.,在治安警察来之前,我们得离开这儿Lets get out of here before the juras come.,嗨,准备好了吗?Hey, you ready?,嗨,我跟你说了,我们得在七点出发Hey, I told you we leaving at seven.,你最好赶紧起来You better not be sleeping.,在那时候,中士Coon指出At that point, Sergeant Coon pointed out...,...在录像带上,他相信......on the video tape, where he believed...,Rodney King 让...where Rodney King made that one point landing.,我从Joesph那儿拿到鞋了I got the shoes from Joesph.,如果我们想多赚点租金,今天就得把这些鞋搬了If we want to make rent this month, we got to move these shoes like today.,♪ In my heart ♪,一方面,中士Coon...At one point, Sergeant Coons...,...说他曾大声警告过......said that he had shout something...,Lawrence Powell警官...to Officer Lawrence Powell.,据Coon所说According to Coon...,喂?Hello?,♪ I can see the light ♪,♪ On the other side ♪,♪ Everything's gonna be ♪,♪ Just fine ♪,♪ With a little more time ♪,KamillaKamilla.,嗨,老兄,你怎么了?Hey, yo, man, what's up?.
    你怎么了?Man, what's up?,他在睡觉He's sleeping.,我去,谁睡觉像他这样啊Man, who sleep like that any way?,你不能这么跟我说话You can't argue with me.,刚刚那不是我It wasn't me.,是我妹妹It was my sister.,你先别挂Hang on a second.,我们还有什么吃的吗?Do we got anything to eat?,没有了,他们吃光了No they cleaned us out.,能给我午餐钱吗Got any lunch money?,你觉得我像提款机吗?What do I look like, an ATM?,你需要午餐钱干嘛?What you need lunch money for?,我知道你一直都在逃课I know you've been ditching.,别担心,我没跟他们说,但你可别逼我说出去Don't worry, I didn't tell them but don't make me.,别再去鞋店了Stay away from the shoe store...,去Keith那儿问他要...and ask Keith for the money.,问个屁Ask Keith my ass.,不管Rodney King是不是对的Whether Rodney King was right along...,我在这儿建议警察远离这事儿I'm here to approach the aspect of cops getting away with that.,- 快去上学- Go to school.,嗨Hey.,你不是要去上学吗?Ain't you got somewhere to be?,嗨,Keith 看着Hey, Keith, watch this.,Kamilla,赶紧去学校Kamilla, take your little ass to school.,拜托了,我练习了很久,就是为了给你看看Come on, I've been,Kamilla,快去学校,快去Kamilla, go to school. Go to school.,看吧,这就是你一直以来的问题,你都不听我说See that's what's wrong with you,,但这回是新招式But it's a new trick.,快去学校Go to school.,别这样啊,这很酷的Come on, this is so cool.,Kamilla,你是不是拿了我的钱?Kamilla, did you take my money?,哦,不好Oh shit!,Daniel,弄好了没有,我们该出发了Daniel, let's go. We're late.,就不能再给我几分钟吗?Can you give me five minutes, please?,嗨Hey.,嗨,你搞什么啊Hey, yo, what are you doing?,你他妈到底在搞什么What the fuck are you doing? Hey!,老兄,快开车门Dude, open up.,遂你的愿It's for your own good.,怎么回事儿Yo, what the fuck?,去你的!Fuck!,Eli,你的脸怎么了?Eli, ¿que pasó?,Oh man.,嗨,Jesús,你把我跟你说的销售标签弄好了吗?Hey, Jesús, did you make those sale signs I asked for?,我擦Fuck.,哟,你在做什么?Yo, what's up?,- 闭嘴- Shut the fuck up.,最近如何,Kim先生What's up, Mr. Kim?,你要是敢偷东西,看我不宰了你,哟,再给我一包Newports香烟Yo, give me a pack of Newports, too.,你个小屁孩,哟,Kim先生Yo, Mr. Kim.,我看见外有人正在你的商店外面乱喷乱画I saw some taggers outside tagging up your store.,这些狗杂种,就不能付点钱让人来搬这些丑爆的鞋吗You couldn't pay somebody,嘿Hey!,别再敲了Banging on the door and shit.,嗨 ,让我进去Hey, let me in.,这儿没法招待你这种人We don't serve your kind here.,哈?Huh?,我们这儿不招待你这种We don't serve your kind.,你是说黑人?Black people?,不,是又丑又皮的孩子No, ugly ass little kids.,你个死胖子,让我进去You're fat. Let me in.,听着,我觉得你不该来这儿Listen, I don't think you understand how comebacks work.,你搞什么,今天不是上学日吗?The fuck you doing? Ain't it like a school day or something?,是的,但老师放我们一天的假No, our teacher gave us the day off.,我想他正在为Rodney King的事抗议I think he's protesting against the Rodney King thing or something.,门开了,很厉害啊,滑头鬼Door's open, genius. Lying ass.,所以...怎么样了So hey, what's up?,什么怎么样了?What's up?,你要不然找本书看一下What's up is you go read a book or something.,这里可不是你们小孩的聚会点This ain't a boys and girls club.,你跟我说话怎么老像大人一样The fuck you always talking to me like you're grown and shit?,你从商店里偷了什么,这女孩简直疯了,嗨,Kim先生,别急Hey, Mr. Kim, relax.,放开我Let go.,嗨Hey.,Kim先生,消消气Mr. Kim, relax.,哟,干嘛呢?Yo, what the fuck?,贱人,你他妈在干嘛?Bitch, what the fuck are you doing?,从我的店滚出去Get the fuck out.,嗨,你他妈在搞什么?Hey what the fuck are you doing?,快把门打开Open this fucking door right now.,赶紧滚Get the fuck out of here!,你他妈疯了吗?嗯?You lost your fucking mind, huh'?,我他妈现在就要揍扁你I'm gonna fuck your ass up right now.,- 做点什么- Do something.,我没有从你那儿偷东西,你个老瞎子I didn't steal nothing from you, you blind old man.,我看见你偷了夹心蛋糕I saw you steal my Twinkie.,赶紧进去,KamillaGet inside right now, Kamilla.,你现在是认真的吗?Are you fucking serious right now?,就为了他妈的夹心蛋糕?All this over fucking Twinkies?,赶紧滚!Leave!,操你妈Fuck you.,操你妈Fuck you.,- 干你老母- Fuck you.,- 操你大爷的- Fuck you!,操你全家Fuck you!,嗨,还好吗?Hey, you good?,耶,我没事儿Yeah, I ain't no bitch.......