女生要革命 Moxie(2021)英文字幕下载-高清影视Pro

女生要革命 Moxie(2021)英文字幕下载

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 [leaves crunching],[trees rustling],[heavy breathing],[ominous cracking],[gasps],[panting],[thud],[indistinct whispering],[inaudible],[rustling],[inaudible],[phone alarm ringing],[gasps],[gasps],[heavy breathing],[alarm continues],[alarm stops],["No Going Back" by Yuno playing],♪ I spend all my time ♪,♪ Waiting all night for you… ♪,Morning.,Bye.,No, shoot.,Can we do that thing?Can you have the sign?,Take a picture holdinga first-day-of-school sign?,No, Mom. I'm in 11th grade.I'm not doing that.,Okay, don't do the sign,just a picture of yourself.,-[camera clicks]-There. Did it. Bye.,Thank you. Have a great first day.Keep your head up high, Vivian.,[door closes],[phone chimes],You little shit.,♪ La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, laLa, la, la, la, la, la ♪,♪ La, la, la, la, la ♪,♪ Yeah, baby, oh ♪,♪ La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, laLa, la, la, la, la, la ♪,♪ La, la, la, la, la ♪,♪ I spend all my days ♪,♪ Thinking of things to say ♪,♪ To keep you sane ♪,♪ You playing your games ♪,♪ It's working on my brain ♪,♪ I'm feeling strange ♪,♪ I know ♪,♪ There's no going back for me, baby ♪,♪ You're nowhere I wanna be ♪,♪ There's no going back for me, baby ♪,♪ Maybe you'll know how I feel ♪,♪ La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, laLa, la, la, la, la, la ♪,♪ La, la, la, la, la ♪,♪ Yeah, baby, oh ♪,♪ La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, laLa, la, la, la, la, la ♪,♪ La, la, la, la, la ♪,Did you hear,rankings are already starting?,What? This is the first day.,I mean, they haven't evenhad time to, like, look at us yet.,Are they basing their decisions on summer?Because nobody even saw us this summer.,Unless someone was spying on usplaying Mario Kart in your mom's basement.,I might get ranked"Best Power Slide on Rainbow Road.",-Should we have gone to a pool?-It doesn't matter.,Emma Cunningham's gonna get ranked"Most Bangable" for the second year.,It's not like she's beenin a horrific car accident or anything.,-[excited chatter]-Oh, great.,No, please,block the sidewalk to admire her nails.,-Hi.-There we go.,That wasn't so hard, was it?No, it was not.,Did you hearshe and Mitchell Wilson broke up?,I heard he broke up with her.,-It's so nice not to be on anyone's radar.-Totally.,[song ends],It's gonna be Kiera Pascalfor "Best Ass" again. For sure.,[Vivian] Not fair.She's captain of the soccer team.,Do they know how much runningand jumping she's doing?,[Claudia] Kaitlynn Price hasmastered the art of the hot selfie,and will probably take "Best Rack"from Olivia Day-Young.,[groans] God. How many more daysof school do we have left?,Eyes on the prize, my dear.,Just two more years and we will besafely tucked away in a lab at Berkeley.,What prompt will you do for the essay?,-Because those questions are stressful.-I'm doing the service one.,I'm talking about how much I've grownfrom volunteering at the VFW,,blah, blah, blah.,-Do you have Mr. Davies for English?-Uh-huh.,Beware. He calls on anyonewho sits in the front row.,What would I do without you?,I guess we'll never find out.,[school bell rings],[indistinct chatter],-You can put your valued things.-Thanks.,Did you miss me?,-Seriously?-Where you going?,-Stop.-I got a seat right here for you.,Okay, let's wrap up the conversations.,Stop talking, please.,Unless one of you young peoplefixed global warming,,your summer vacations were boring.,Whoa, Mike,you're not starting class without me?,-Wow, what a treat. Mr. Wilson's here.-Sorry..
    I was helping this new freshman girlfind her way to class and… she was lost.,Chivalry might not be dead,,but you will beif you're late to class again. Sit down.,So, I shouldn't help people?,[Mr. Davies sighs],-That's the message I'm getting, Mike.-I missed you.,I missed you more.,[Mr. Davies] So,the definition of insanity…,Can I help you?,I don't know. Can you?,[Mr. Davies] Yet here I amwith all of you.,-Okay, we are going to begin…-Hey.,Can you help me, too?,What?,…with morning announcements.Chris, grab those lights.,-[fanfare plays]-[student on TV] Ahoy, Rockport Pirates.,Student Body PresidentBradley Chambers here,,along with "argh" lovely Vice President,Emma Cunningham.,Good morning, Rockport.,Happy to be spreadingthe Pirate cheer for another year.,[Bradley] That's pretty good…,Hey, Vivian. How was your summer?,Seth?,[Emma] Unless you're stayingafter school for an extracurricular.,Speaking of, this year's musicalwill be Little Shop of Horrors.,-[Bradley] Little Shop of Argh-ors…-You look different.,[whispers] Your hair.,[Emma] Get your Band-Aids readyand sign up for auditions.,Argh-ditions.,[whispers] Stand up.,-What?-Stand up.,-Stand up.-Okay.,Oh, yep. See?,Grew like three inches this summer.,-Wow.-Kinda hurts, though.,Growing pains. My knees--,Quiet. Or you're gonna missthe thrilling conclusion.,[Bradley] I'm excited to see our Piratesout on the field and blow the man down.,And as athletics get underway,,remember to cast your nominationsfor Student Athlete Ambassador.,The winner will receivea $10,000 scholarship,,and represent Rockportat the state caucus in the spring.,Shiver me timbers.That's a lot of booty. [chuckles],That's it. [sighs],That was pretty great.,Who did the summer reading,that I asked everyone to do?,You are new.,You are Lucy Hernandez. Welcome.,Well, Lucy,since you did the summer reading,,I'll ask you the first questionwe apparently have to ask,about every work of art now,,no matter what it's aboutor what time period it was created.,How are women portrayed?,Well, I think the real question is,why are we still reading this book?,It's written by some rich white guyabout some rich white guy,,and I guess we're supposedto feel bad for him,because he's obsessedwith the only girl he can't have?,If the point is to learnabout the American dream,,we should be reading about immigrants,or the working class, or Black mothers,,or at least someonewho doesn't have a mansion.,-Why aren't we reading Sandra Cisneros---I thought it was great.,Hey, I was talking.,Yeah, I know,but The Great Gatsby is a classic.,Just because other books are gooddoesn't mean this is less good.,I didn't say it wasn't good.,-I just wish that---You're not listening to me.,People have readand have loved The Great Gatsby forever.,There must be somethingthat makes it so we read it every year,at our own school.,Spoken like a true Nick Carraway.,Do you know who Nick Carraway is?,He was playedby Tobey Maguire in the movie.,Okay, first day of school.,I know everything is lame and boring,but tell me one thing.,I don't know, Mom. I had math.,What did you learn today?What kind of person were you?,What made you smile?What were your biggest challenges?,This conversation?,You know, you used to bea little person who did what I said.,-I don't remember any of that.-Hm.,Lisa.,Hey, John. How are you?,Good. Just getting some chives.Quick chive run.,[chuckles],Those are leeks, actually.,Oh…,-Well, then I picked these for you.-Oh. Thank you.,-Nice to see you.-You too.,Ew. That man was flirting with you.,He was? Really?,Huh.,Well, one thing happened today.,There was this new girl and she startedgetting into it with Mitchell.,Sometimes I think about the factthat Mitchell Wilson is going to breed,and his offspring will be tall,handsome assholes,and it makes me very sad.,You're so dramatic, Mom.,Okay, Mitchell is fine, all right?It's all good.,Mom, milk is bad. People aren'tsupposed to drink it anymore.,Whose child are you?You can't take my milk away.,-Hey girls. Let me help you out here.-That's okay. We got it.......

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