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寻狗记 Dog Gone(2023)中英字幕下载

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电影:寻狗记 (Dog Gone)




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 ‎(根据真实事件改编),‎(弗吉尼亚大学),‎天啊God.,‎怎么每次都有金枪鱼啊 ‎你知道我讨厌金枪鱼 偏偏总是吃到I get tuna every time and I hate tuna. You know I hate tuna, but I just… get it.,‎-你那是什么 ‎-意式的-It's like… What'd you get? -Italian.,‎明智的选择 意式三明治很好吃See, that… That's a good choice. Italian is a good sandwich.,‎-嘿 宝贝 ‎-不是吧-What's up, babe? -Oh, no.,‎菲尔兹 千万别往左边看Fields, whatever you do, don't look to your left.,‎不是吧Oh, no way.,‎不好意思 兄弟Sorry, pal.,‎才刚上大四第一周 ‎她怎么就能把我甩了呢Just one week into senior year. How'd she just leave me?,‎显然是短信分手Apparently by text.,‎天啊 我吃不下去了I… I can't eat this.,‎我感觉好孤独-I feel so alone. -Yeah.,‎孤独和不被需要的感觉"Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted,‎是最可怕的贫穷is the most terrible poverty.",‎特蕾莎修女说的 ‎不过我向你保证 你没有被甩Mother Teresa, who, by the way, I guarantee you was never dumped.,‎说真的 你先把她甩了 ‎让劈腿渣女见鬼去吧I mean, seriously, you dump her, that is one-way ticket downstairs.,‎就是那个家伙Shh! Is that the guy?,‎谁Who?,‎-她为一个飞盘男甩了我 ‎-你也玩飞盘-She left me for a Frisbee guy? -You're a Frisbee guy.,‎我跟他不一样 他…No, not like him. He's, like…,‎没穿上衣shirtless.,‎他身材真好He looks great.,‎我谢谢你哦-Thank you. -Well.,‎要不我们今晚I think that tonight,,‎去短尾猫酒吧we should go down to the Bobcat,,‎喝点酒 吃点鸡翅吧get some drinks, get some wings,,‎别想克莱尔和肌肉美男的事了forget about Claire and this Adonis.,‎你…You…,‎想什么呢Where'd you go?,‎你没在听You aren't listening.,‎我们去动物收容所吧Let's go to the pound.,‎这就是个错误-This is a mistake.,‎我有满腔的爱要给予 ‎但克莱尔不屑一顾Okay, I have love to give, and Claire doesn't want it.,‎我爱你 跟我约会吧 我懂你 ‎我们现在可以走了吗I love you, babe. Me, I do. Can we go now, please?,‎我要养一只狗I am getting a dog.,‎你上回洗澡是什么时候When was the last time you showered?,‎是在一个星期二It was a Tuesday.,‎听着 狗需要打疫苗 ‎你还得每天给它们喂食添水Listen, dogs, they need shots. They need food and water every day.,‎-知道吗 ‎-知道-Okay? -Yeah.,‎你就是…You are just…,‎你没条件养狗 抱歉 但这是事实You're ill-equipped. I'm sorry. You just are.,‎-没有了动物 人类会如何 ‎-不是吧你-"What is man without the beasts?" -Oh, no.,‎若野兽尽皆消亡 ‎人类会因精神世界的孤独而死去"For if all the beasts were gone, man would die of a great loneliness of the spirit.",‎-这是西雅图酋长说的 ‎-我知道-It's Chief Seattle. -I know it's Chief Seattle. I know it is.,‎听着 你的美洲原住民课程只拿了B-Just listen. A B-minus in Native American studies,‎别以为修过这门课就能照顾动物does not qualify you to care for an animal.,‎-还有 拜托别再这样了 ‎-为什么-Also, please don't ever do that again. -Why?,‎你用已故智者的话来怼我 ‎会让我很不爽It's very off-putting when you quote smart dead guys back at me.,‎哲学艺术 这是我的风格That's my thing. Philosophical arts, my thing.,‎-你知道的 ‎-好吧-You know it. -Okay.,‎不是吧Oh, no.,‎嘿Well, hey!,‎你好呀 小狗狗What's up, pup?,‎我喜欢它I love him.,‎它也喜欢我And he loves me.,‎好大一袋呀Whoop! That's a big bag.,‎对了 它最爱的人必须是我 ‎你可别跟它套近乎All right. Oh, and I need him to imprint on me, so don't, like, bond with him.,‎放心吧你Done and done.,‎小家伙 ‎今天是我们第一次一起坐车兜风You know what, little buddy? I am gonna find the perfect song,‎我要配一首最完美的歌for our first car ride together.,‎车里怎么这么热Why is it so warm in here?,‎我跟你说过空调坏了I told you, the AC is still broken.,‎-天啊 ‎-别吓着它-Oh, my God! -Don't scare him.,‎-它尿我身上了 ‎-是啊-He's peeing on me! -Whoa! Oh, yeah.,‎-快把你的狗拿走 ‎-我不要-Fields, take your dog right now. -I don't want him!,‎-我也不要 ‎-等一下-I don't want him! -Hold on!,‎快把它拿走 我发誓…Take him right now. I swear to God.,‎它才刚跟我们相处五分钟 ‎我不想它留下阴影Listen, I don't want his first five minutes with us to be traumatizing,,‎所以 就随它去吧so just, like, let him do his thing.,‎我这辈子从来没这么倒霉过This is the worst thing that has ever happened.,‎它喜欢你-He likes you.,‎怎么这么多尿啊Why is there so much?,我不知道‎-I don't…,‎好吧 那个…Yeah. Wow. All right.,‎也许我们不该看Maybe we shouldn't look.,‎好了 完事Oh! Yeah! Okay.,‎还有一点Oh, a little bit more.,‎搞定 它尿完了Okay, he's done.,‎乖宝宝Good boy! Good boy.,‎真乖Good boys.,‎你俩都很乖Very good boys. Both of you.,‎-我恨你 ‎-你爱我-I hate you. -You love me.,‎是时候带这个小家伙回家了Time to take this fella home.,‎狗狗来喽Puppy coming through!,‎狗狗Puppy!,‎我带来了贵宾I got the VIP.,‎你好呀Oh, hi!,‎-我知道 ‎-真可爱-I know. I know. I know.,‎嗨Hi!,‎玩得开心吗 朋友You having fun, buddy?,‎你知道这派对是为你办的吧Oh. You know this is all for you, right?,‎是为了庆祝你回家This is your homecoming.,‎这派对还挺好玩This party is fun.,‎真不敢相信会有这么多人为了…I cannot believe that all these people showed up for…,‎它叫什么名字What is his name?,‎我不知道I don't know..
    ‎你叫什么名字What is your name?,‎它庄了一下我的头He gonked me on the head.,‎-它什么 ‎-我是说撞了一下-He did what? -I mean… I mean bonked.,‎-慢着 就叫这个吧 ‎-什么-Wait, that's it. -What is it?,‎撞撞-"Gonker.",‎-好呀 它喜欢这名字 撞撞 ‎-撞撞是什么鬼-Hey, yeah, he likes it. Gonker. -What is a gonker?,‎它就是撞撞He's a Gonker.,‎撞撞Gonker! Gonker! Gonker!,‎撞撞Gonker! Gonker! Gonker! Gonker! Gonker! Gonker! Gonker!,‎我们上课要迟到了We're gonna be late to class.,‎深呼吸Take a deep breath,,‎进入下犬式and we're gonna glide into downward dog.,‎准备好了吗Ready?,‎去吧 捡球去Go. Go get it.,‎不 回来No, come back. Come back.,‎去捡呀 快-Oh, go get it! Come on.,‎来 快去Go, come on.,‎嘿-Hey! Whoosh!,‎对啦 你真棒Yeah, there you go!,‎好样的 过来There you go, buddy! Come here.,‎对 就是这样 捡回来Yes! That's it, buddy! Bring it back.,‎看见没 ‎我说的没错吧 这小伙儿有天赋Boosh! You guys see it? What did I tell you? The boy is talented.,‎(弗吉尼亚大学毕业生),‎-我才不要跟你开鬼屋呢 ‎-你们听说兰莉的事了吗I'm not opening a haunted house with you. Wait. Did you guys hear about Lainey?,‎-什么 ‎-她找了波音公司的工作 年薪六位数-What? -She got a job at Boeing. Six figures.,‎-没听说啊 真的 ‎-别扯了-No, stop. -Really?,‎六位数 真金白银吗-Wow. -Six figures? Like, in money?,‎-是啊 而且还能留在弗吉尼亚 ‎-少扯了-Yeah, and she gets to stay in Virginia. -Stop.,‎-我在圣路易斯一个人都不认识 ‎-怎么扯到圣路易斯了-I don't know anyone in St. Louis. -What's in St. Louis?,‎-我要去那工作 ‎-对-My job. -Yeah.,‎我要去安海斯布希的公关部了I'm doing PR for Anheuser-Busch.,‎-两周后开始 ‎-你不知道-I start in, like, two weeks. -You didn't know that?,‎-你要去啤酒公司上班 ‎-梦寐以求的工作啊 是吧-You're working for a beer company? -Dream job, right?,‎慢着 你们都找到工作了Wait, hold on. Do… Do you all have jobs?,‎是啊 兄弟Uh, yeah, bud, we do.,‎算是吧 我们就是不想挂在嘴上而已Kinda. We just, uh, didn't… didn't wanna say anything.,‎等一下 我可不是什么 ‎找不到工作的废物I'm… I'm not some loser who can't get a job. Well, okay. Wait, hold on now.,‎我只是还不知道自己能做什么I just… I don't know what job I can do yet,,‎我得先搞清楚这个才行so I gotta, like, figure that out first, you know?,‎是哦 之前的四年 ‎不就是让我们思考这个问题的吗Right. Isn't that kinda what the last four years were for, though?,‎-那是我爸妈的车 ‎-对-That's my parents. -Yes, it is.,‎把啤酒藏起来-Uh, hide the beers.,‎-好主意 ‎-我们21岁了-Good idea. -Uh, we're 21.,‎现在是早上10点半-It's 10:30 in the morning.,‎有道理Good point.,‎-菲尔丁 ‎-嘿 妈妈-Fielding! -Hey, Mom.,‎嗨Hi!,‎菲尔丁-Fielding!,‎爸爸-Dad.,‎你们怎么来了What… What are you guys doing here?,‎这么多年的投资到了验收成果的时候 ‎我总该来看看吧Well, I… I think my investment entitles me to see you in a robe and a funny hat.,‎毕业典礼是明天Well, graduation's tomorrow.,‎对 我们告诉过你会提前一天过来Yeah. We told you that we were coming up the day before.,‎对哦 抱歉 之前太忙 我给忘了Right. Sorry. I forgot about that. I've, um, been busy.,‎是啊 看得出来Yeah, I can see that.,‎我们给你准备了一个惊喜Well, we have a surprise for you.,‎惊喜登场吧Oh, a surprise!,‎这是佩顿吗 过来 天啊Is that Peyton I see? Come here! What? Oh, my God.,‎你怎么来啦W-What are you doing here?,‎我提前考完了试You know, I took my last exam early,‎好飞过来看我哥的毕业典礼呀so I could fly out and see my bro get his parchment.,‎-你真是世界上最好的妹妹 ‎-我知道 我很努力-Look at you. Best sister ever. -You know. I try.,‎撞撞 抱歉Whoa, Gonker! Sorry about that.,‎-没事 ‎-嘿-That's okay. -Whoa, hey!,‎-好啦 ‎-这谁的狗啊-All right. -Whose dog is this?,‎它是…He's…,‎这想法糟透了It's a bad idea.,‎这不是一个想法 是现实Okay, well, it's not an idea. It's a reality.,‎这就是个错误It's a mistake.,‎它不是错误 是我最好的朋友He's not a mistake. He's… He's my best friend.,‎你连自己都照顾不了 还想养宠物You can't even take care of yourself, let alone another living being.,‎我把撞撞照顾得挺好的Okay, I take care of Gonker just fine.,‎那它为什么在舔啤酒漏斗So why's he drinking out of a beer bong?,‎不是 那个是搞化学实验用的He's not. That's a chemistry thing.,‎撞撞 过来 伙计Come here, Gonker. Come on, buddy.,‎来吧 我们走Come on, let's go.,‎-这什么怪名字 撞撞 ‎-它之前撞了我的头-What kind of a name is "Gonker"? -He gonked me in the head.,‎看来你的脑震荡后遗症还没好啊I see you haven't recovered from the trauma.,‎听我说 儿子 你就快步入社会了Look, son, you're about to head out into the real world.,‎不会有时间陪撞撞的You're not gonna have any time to spend with Gonker.,‎到时候你去上班了 它怎么办What's he gonna do when you're at work all day?,‎上班"Work"?,‎爸爸 拜托Dad, come on.,‎你给科布莱纳先生打电话了吗Have you called Mr. Kobrenner?,‎当会计 我数学不好Accounting? I suck at math.,‎那哈勃路易斯的马特普莱斯呢Or Matt Price at Harper Lewis.,‎爸 我不是干医疗用品销售的那块料Dad, I'm not equipped to handle medical supplies sales.,‎那再过24小时 等你正式毕业了 ‎你打算做什么Then what are you gonna do when, in 24 hours, this whole party ends?,‎难道回你爸妈家啃老吗Other than be back at home with Mom and Dad,,‎这四年大学就白读了exactly where you were four years ago.,‎快来 小伙儿-Come on, boy.,‎嗨Hi.,‎不好意思 借过 你好Uh, excuse me, sorry. Hey.,‎快来 抱歉 让一让Uh, come on. Excuse me, sorry. Sorry.,‎妈妈 爸爸Oh, Mom, Dad.,‎我不知道该说什么才好了I don't know what to say.,‎没关系 还会有另一场典礼的It's fine. I'm sure there'll be another ceremony.,‎噢 不对 只有这一场Oh, wait. There's only one.,‎菲尔丁 怎么回事啊Fielding, what happened?,‎我认真思考了爸爸昨天说的话Well, I really took to heart what Dad said yesterday,‎我在这里的时间只剩下24小时了about how I only had 24 hours left here, so…,‎所以我和撞撞在河边睡了一晚 ‎因为它喜欢那地方Uh, Gonk and I slept out by the river 'cause he loves it there.......

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