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杀戮房间 The Kill Room(2023)中英字幕下载

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电影:杀戮房间 (The Kill Room)




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 在被警方发现将近三个月后It was almost three months after police found,第一个受害者的尸体。执法部门the first victim's body. The law enforcement,官员们抓住了第一次机会officials caught their first break when they,发现凶手用门把手砸discovered the killer used a doorknob to bash,受害者把头伸进去,然后,以一种挑衅的方式,几乎让警察发现the victim's head in and then,凶器就在他们的the murder weapon that was right under their,的想法。当被问及此事时,侦探们是这么说的notions. When asked,从来没见过一个凶手被鬼魂纠缠和欺负。never seen a case when a killer was haunted and bullied after him.,这引起了麻烦。我觉得它看起来很糟糕It's causing shit. I think it looks bad or,某物我不想要我的钱,但我不想。something. I don't want my money,去你妈的。我刚喝了这杯咖啡fuck out of you. I just drank this coffee,尝起来就像猴子的屁眼。that tasted like a monkey's fucking asshole.,我刚才还在这里。你不只是在做爱I was just in here. You were not just fucking,在这里。你是想说我不是吗in here. Are you trying to tell me that I wasn't,就他妈在这里?混蛋,我不just fucking in here? Motherfucker,认识你。但我知道你是谁,路易。know you. Yeah,滚出我的店。滚出去。Get the fuck out of my store. Get the fuck out.,去做吧。给你放一下监控录像。Go ahead. Play the security camera for you.,王八蛋,我要把你的Motherfucker,头骨。我要去做屎。草泥马Motherfucker,想杀了你。来吧,放录像。trying to kill you. Come on,我他妈的没有监控录像。I don't got no fucking security video.,你在吗?Are you on?,我将从故事开始。I'm going to start with the story thing.,你感觉到了吗?我是一个很好的艺术家。哦,是的,太好了。这太神奇了。Are you feeling it? I'm a good artist. Oh yeah,我只是觉得这就是我的工作方式。这太有趣了Oh,革命。我从来没有停止过。那么Oh,你能对你的收藏做点什么吗?it something you can do about your collection?,哦,不,对不起。我现在只想喝点茶。Oh,来吧。我们来试试。Come on. We'll try it out.,是啊,我在努力发出声音。我以为那是我们自己的东西在做的事。Yeah,我说,你是成年人了。这叫做网络,I was like,但是没有人会来参加这些活动。but no one would come to one of these things.,它是什么?不要评判我。把她全部加起来。What's it? Don't judge me. Just add her all.,它有助于缓解我的焦虑。It helps my anxiety.,我不是在评判你。我的另一个朋友在这里有两个画廊。I wasn't judging you. My other friend is here with two galleries.,他只是告诉我,毒品通常是在晚会后才出现的,而不是在开幕式上。He just told me that usually the drugs come out of the afterparty,听着,你想做笔买卖吗?然后我们就出去做一个。Look,画廊分成的那一半是你的。真的吗?That half the gallery's cut is yours. Really?,我的数学很烂,但我知道零的一半是零。My math sucks,我在制作自己的邮票,这里除了朋友和死人没有别人。I'm making my own stamps,嘿,恭喜你,格蕾丝。有收藏家来吗?Hey,是的Hey,人们和许多人都对销售表现出兴趣。people and many have shown interest in sales.,还没有。媒体数据呢?这是一个损失。我是说媒体。Not yet. What about press figures 40? That's a loss. I meant press.,我们和一些很酷的人聊了聊。Well,好。嗨Well,没有进攻。但莫妮卡·蒙德有个新闻代理人No offense. But Monica Monde has a press agent,在她的画廊,如果我们卖掉这整个at her gallery,我也会花1万美元买一个。show,莫妮卡还有一个《纽约时报》的撰稿人,穿着和服,正在写文章。Monica also has a writer for the New York Times,嘿,这是什么?她喜欢你的作品。我听说了Hey,你把她的一件作品卖给了最后一个基金会。you sold one of her pieces to the last foundation.,一个大的。其实他们很久以前就认识了,One of the big ones. Oh,我当然也希望在这里向他们表示祝贺。and I definitely hope just offered them one of my congratulations here too.,哦,这个节目看起来很棒。你能来真是太好了Oh,来了。我知道你几乎是住在这个工作室里。come. I know you're practically living in this studio.,你的下一个演出是什么时候?很快。我为什么要来录音棚?When's your next show? Soon. Why did I swing by the studio?,查看进度。是的,有些事我想…Check out the progress. Yeah,其实我只是在问,格蕾丝,她为什么不能I was actually just asking,把我的作品捐献给莫尔豪斯基金会offer any of my work to the Morehouse Foundation.,多offer any of my work to the Morehouse Foundation.,我不知道,但很快,很快,这很好。I don't know,这很好。是的I don't know,我不能冷嘲热讽地喊,啊,那么大。I can't sneely yell and say,让他给我拿点芝哈麦糖,你看到了一点吗?Just let him get me a zig-hala-malt mid. You saw a little bit?,我要开枪了。看起来很糟糕。I'm just going to shoot. Looks bad or something.,我才不要爱上那个混蛋。I'm not falling to that motherfucker.,我的孩子怎么样了,上士?How's my boy,太他妈棒了。It's fucking fantastic.,我看错了那些混蛋。I was wrong with those assholes.,不喜欢可卡犬?Don't love the cockers?,是啊,他们在大巴上办了奶奶派对Yeah,因为明尼苏达州没有支付费用because Minnesota didn't cover the spread.,他们不必让仇恨的刻板印象永久化,They have not to perpetuate a hateful stereotype,但那些混蛋都是些卑鄙的混蛋。but those motherfuckers are some cheap motherfuckers.,我只打电话给史蒂夫。The only word I call was Steve.,他们不喜欢熟食店吗?And don't they love the deli bit?,他们不想做爱!They don't want to have sex!,哈,哈,哈,哈,哈,哈,哈,这将防止很多臭丁基。Ha,但我们是一个团队,对吧?But we're a team,在安东名下,我?Under the Anton U,但显然我们有钱。But we have our money,你知道莱尔和那个为他工作的奇怪的爱尔兰人吗?You know that guy Lyle and that weird Irish guy does his wick work for?,就是在室内从不脱外套的那个,You know,即使他是安全的还是五次。even though he's safe or five times.,嘿,你穿那件夹克不热吗?Hey,怎么啦?他们去了?What? They're gone?,嗯,锁起来了。Well,阿尔·卡彭的出租车。Taxi by the Al Capone.,我们需要找到一个新的方法来处理这笔钱。We need to find a new way to deal with the money.,让我看看。Let me see that.,我在加纳的时候,非常甜蜜。When I was in Ghana,我收到了菲利普的邮件。Got an email from Philip.,这改变了他的想法。It changed his mind.,这改变了他的想法。It changed his mind.,他们给了他一张该死的发票。They sent him a damn invoice.,这就是为什么他认为南希和马克会这么做。That's why he thought Nancy and Mark are going to do that..
    自从男人开始听妻子的话,Well,我告诉过你不要再多说了。I told you no more may help.,只收托收信或取消通知。Only collection letters or cancellation notices.,经营企业就是要学习财政的优先次序。running a business is about learning fiscal prioritization.,这是今天的邮件。This is today's mail.,他们活在最后几周。They're living in the last weeks.,还记得按时间顺序排列的财政优先顺序吗?Remember,这就是我所能做的。That's all I can do.,雕塑基金会募捐者。Sculpture Foundation Suckraiser.,很多收藏家都会去那里。That a lot of collectors are going to be there.,是啊,我至少不用捐一万美元Yeah,我想坐在其中一个旁边。and I wanted to sit next to one of them.,所有的实现都非常好。All the implementations are really nice.,不不不,我只是说说而已。No,我在削减成本。I was cutting costs.,你觉得她会去雕塑基金会吗?You think she's going to Sculpture Foundation?,哦,你开玩笑吧?Oh,她可能会坐在某个收藏家的大腿上。She's probably going to sit on some collector's lap.,你知道,他们只给你的饮料提供更低的量,而不是晚餐。You know,这样我就能和其他失败者一起站在制冰机旁了So I can stand around the ice machine with all the other group losers,看着有关系的人进去吃晚饭。and watch the connected people go in for dinner.,通过。Pass.,他妈的。Fuck.,说到我的客户。Speaking of people I own money to.,仿造师吗?Fabricator?,分为上下。Beeler.,抓住经销商。Grab dealer.,你要去哪给我买阿得拉?What are you going to get my Adderall from?,Aerogist吗?Aerogist?,几年前就把我砍了。Cut me on years ago.,嘿Cut me on years ago.,哦Cut me on years ago.,你会有多好?How good would you?,没什么可去的。There's nothing to go.,这是同一个人写的还有那个神奇的马克。This by the same guy and you know that weird shit with the magic Mark.,哦,这是一位女士写的。Oh,所以不,不同的艺术家。So no,但我知道你为什么这么说。But I can see why you'd say that.,人们也有类似的做法。People have similar practices.,哦People have similar practices.,不是每个人都能回来。Not everyone can actually back.,更多的练习。some more practices.,我能说什么呢?What can I say?,你的眼力不错,内特。You've got a good eye,你的团队有多少人?How much is your cohort?,五个Five.,我的名字是框架。My name's the frame.,五个Five.,千。Thousand.,男人。Man.,你太。You're so.,还没有。Not yet.,但是,嘿,你一定认识很多有钱人。But hey,在我路上的东西多少钱?How much is something over my way?,每卖出一笔钱,我都会给你分成。And I cut you in on any sale I make.,他妈的And I cut you in on any sale I make.,给我一个像他那样的星期。Give me a week like that guy.,是的。Yeah.,呃。Uh.,你知道吗,我喜欢听你说,You know,但我是来谈谈我的比赛的but I came here to talk about my game.,你知道吗?You know?,我知道。I know.,我知道上次我欠你的。And I know I owe you from last time.,虽然我现在没有现金,But while I don't have cash right now,我想我有你会喜欢的东西。I think I have something you would like.,你知道吗,我觉得你很性感。You know,我喜欢老女人,但我告诉了我的夫人。I love older women,我最好不要说我的意思,内特。I'd be better about not what I meant,是啊!Yeah!,谢谢你!Thank you.,这是正确的。That's right.,嘿,好吗?Hey,对他们所有人来说。For all of them.,你收到我开幕式的邀请了吗?Did you get the invitation to my opening?,哦,我还没去收邮件呢。Oh,我希望你能来看我的新演出I would love for you to come see my new show,在我去柏林参观工作室之前before I head off to Berlin for a studio visit.,我知道,朱利安。I know,我自己刚去了趟摄影棚。I just had a studio visit myself.,从戴维斯?From Davis?,我喜欢她的作品。I love her work.,纯粹的天才。Pure genius.,你刚和维恩去了摄影棚?You just had a studio visit with Vern?,没有,我只是顺路看了一眼No,给她带些我上周在上海买的茶。bring her some tea I picked up in Shanghai last week.,哦,在上海度过了一段美好的时光。Oh,真的是吗?Really is?,在皇冠上。On a crown.,我要迟到了。I'm going to be late.,我抓住他了。I got him.,就是停不下来,不是吗?Just doesn't stop,我得自己回画廊了。I'm going to have to get back to the gallery myself.,谁知道呢。You never know.,可能有人在那里。Someone might be there.,没有什么可怕的。Nothing terrible.,你确定那女人总是取笑她吗?You sure what the woman always makes fun of her?,啊You sure what the woman always makes fun of her?,你他妈的什么意思?What do you fucking mean?,托尼·蒙坦和戈登?Tony Montan and Gordon?,那是一个岛的射击。That came an island shoot went out.,在我参加比赛之前,伙计。Before I was in the game......