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永远活下去 Ways to Live Forever中英字幕下载

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电影:永远活下去 (Ways to Live Forever)




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Where'd you find that bitch?,-是我的妞 -这婊子不大开心 听着-She's my girl. -The bitch ain't happy. Listen.,-我需要帮助 -什么 -I need some help. -What?,-我需要更多信用卡 -什么 -I need some more credit cards. -What?,-这次我要很多 -多少 -I need a lot this time. -How many?,空白的美国运通卡 这次要2千张American Express blank credit cards. I need 2,000 this time.,-滚远点 -你应付不了 -Get the fuck out of here! -You can't handle it?,如果你干不了 我只好拿着一袋钱找别人If you can't handle it, I'll take my bag of money to somebody who can.,你有钱 OK. You got the money?,-我说我有一袋钱 -一整袋钱 -I said I got a bag of money. -A bag full of money.,这么大 这么宽 满满的钱A bag this big, this wide, full to the brim with money.,-几时需要信用卡 -三小时后-When do you need the cards? -I need the cards in three hours.,-三小时 给我点时间 -我是生意人-Get out, three hours! Give me time. -Look, man, I'm a businessman.,到处在跑 不断在跑I got to make moves. I'm moving constantly.,-三小时 -我就干这生意-Three hours! -I'm moving all the time. Business!,如你帮不上我 我就去其它地方 我得走了If you can't help me, I'll go somewhere else. I got to move.,失陪 我还有生意Excuse me, I got business to take care of.,-你有钱了 -我有钱 -You got the money? -I got the money.,-你有没有卡 -听着-You got the credit cards or not? -Listen.,你在此地址和我碰面 三小时You meet me at this address. Three hours.,别让我像傻瓜一样在那里等Don't have me standing around like a fool, man.,你却和这大胸部鬼混While you're messing with the titty woman over here.,-三小时 三小时 -三小时 三小时 -Three hours. Three hours. -Three hours. Three hours.,-三小时 三小时 -三小时 三小时 -Three hours. Three hours. -Three hours.,福里 只有真的警察才能来Hey, Foley, only real cops can come in here.,-以为你己死了 格兰比 -阿克塞尔 我不想打扰你-I thought you were dead, Granby. -Axel, I hate to bother you.,-离我远点 -我有个问题 -Get away from me. -I have one question.,-我要走了 -等下再问你-I got to go. -I'll ask you later.,你好像不曾看过有人穿西装You act like you never saw nobody in a suit.,加利福尼亚 比佛利山,请接阿克塞尔 福里警探Detective Axel Foley, please.,喂 这儿 你现在联络到的是Hello, there. You've reached the home,乔治 斯蒂芬斯家of George Kingfish Stephens.,抱歉 我不在 我到大厅去了I'm sorry I'm not in now, but I done gone to the Lodge Hall.,如果可以 请留言But if you like, you can leave a message at the tone,,我会尽快在方便时候回电and I'll get back to you at my earliest inconvenience.,-阿克塞尔 是博戈米尔 -嘿 你好吗 -Axel, it's Bogomil. -Hey! How you doing?,我必需取消钓鱼之旅I'm gonna have to cancel out on the fishing trip.,我正要教你如何鱼Man! I was going to teach you how to fish, too.,没关系 我正在查信用卡伪造案But that's OK, I'm up to my ass in undercover on this credit card fake.,我快抓到那王八蛋了 你女儿玲如何了 I'm close to zooming the bastards. How's your daughter Jan?,你知道吗 如果她没有一个带枪的父亲的话You know something, if she didn't have a father with a gun,,-就会出事了 -她很出色 对不 -something would've happened! -She's great, isn't she?,我手上正好有重要的事Now look, I'm into something kind of important here.,我弄清楚后会通知你I'll fill you in as soon as I get it straight myself.,我要迟到了 阿克塞尔 自己多保重 听到吗 I'm late, Axel. Look, you take care of yourself, you hear?,替我在罗斯伍德眼上打一拳Oh, listen, punch Rosewood in his eye,在塔格特的秃头上打一巴掌and slap Taggart in his bald-ass head for me.,拜 阿克塞尔 一周后打给你Bye, Axel. I'll call you in a week.,杰弗瑞 我和玛西谈过了 她不想见你Jeffrey, I talked to Marci, she doesn't want to meet you.,陶德组长马上要见你Inspector Todd wants to see you immediately.,我只想警告你 他 I wanted to warn you, so he doesn't catch you off-guard.,她不见我是什么意思 What do you mean she doesn't want to see me?,她不喜欢你 不想见你She doesn't like you. She doesn't want to meet you.,她还不认识我 你告诉她什么 She doesn't know me. What did you tell her?,-我把你形容给她 -为什么 我帮过你-I described you to her. -Why? I help you.,当陶德问我你在干什么 我他24小时在工作When Todd asks me what you're doing, I say he's working 24 hours a day.,天呀 看这手表 那是百达翡丽吗 Jesus, look at that watch! Is that a Patek Philippe?,杰弗瑞 别来烦我Jeffrey, please, leave me alone!,让我跟你秘密出勤 一次就好 为什么不行 I got to work undercover with you. Just once. Why not?,阿克塞尔 如玛西不给我电话号码Axel, if Marci doesn't want to give me her number,,我给你我的电话号码 你交给她I'll give you my number, you just pass it on to her.,我快要对你开枪了 别烦我 杰弗瑞I'm very close to shooting you. Leave me alone, Jeffrey.,至于秘密出勤的事 我不在乎是什么And as far as the undercover thing goes, I don't even care what it is,,我要加入just something. I want to be involved.,-你要秘密出勤 -对-You want to work undercover? -Yes!,当陶德问我在那里OK, listen, when Todd comes and says "where am I at",,告诉他我去抓信用卡党徒了 懂吗 tell him I'm out pursuing my credit card bust. All right?,谢谢 你现在秘密出勤了Thank you. Now you're undercover.,洛杉矶时报2小时前也接到同样的信LA Times got a letter just like that two hours ago.,他知道了 比利He knows that, Billy.,他们当真吗 Is this guy serious?.
    上个案子他可一点不马虎He's serious about the way he pulled the job.,他知道在里面待多久及拿什么He knew exactly how long to stay inside and what to take.,-队长 我有位朋友 -等等 -Listen, captain, I have this friend... -Wait, wait...,你为何会涉入这个案子 Why are you involved with this case?,我己指派你和塔格特去办贿赂案I'd already assigned you and Taggart to the Peterson extortion case.,博戈米尔 叫你的手下过来 快Bogomil, get your men in here. Come on.,不能让上帝等太久You can't keep God waiting.,我不要听这种话I don't want to hear that kind of talk.,他开除了每位跟老局长的人员Come on, Andy. He's fired every cop who worked for the old chief.,只剩下我们三名了The three of us are all that's left.,他仍是本局的头 警官He's still head of this department, sergeant.,是 长官Yes, sir.,-真聪明 比利 -听着-Very smart, Billy. -Listen.,我有位线民和小子 I have an unofficial relationship with this dude.,小子 小子 我们根本不该办这个案子Dude? Dude? We're not even supposed to be working on this case.,得了吧 我知道你有自身的问题Come on, sarge. I know you have domestic troubles.,但你应看开点 放轻松But you got to cool out, relax.,像这种事会解决的 相信我Things like this work out. Trust me.,你这低能儿 你去找了联调局探员You moron. You called the Supervising Agent of the goddamn FBI,,来破解这个密码 to help break this alphabet code?,这是本地案件 我的人会在本地解决 罗斯威德This is a local crime. My men will solve it locally, Roseweed.,-长官 我不叫罗斯威德 -闭嘴-Sir, my name's not Roseweed... -Shut up, please.,还有你 博戈米尔队长 这个密码案是你的事And you, Captain Bogomil, this alphabet investigation was your baby.,是你找联调局的吗 Did you call the goddamn FBI?,是你命令这个罗斯伍德去的吗 有吗 Did you order this Rosewood to do that? Did you?,没有 博戈米尔队长不知情No, sir. Captain Bogomil didn't know anything about it.,我说闭嘴I said shut up!,博戈米尔队长没有召联调局 是我Sir, Captain Bogomil didn't call the FBI. I did.,我说住嘴I said shut up.,我在等你 安德鲁I'm waiting on you, Andrew.,你有没有命令他召联调局 Did you order him to call the goddamn FBI or what?,没有 但那不是重点No, sir, but that's beside the point.,不 重点就在此 谢谢 你完了 小鬼No, that is exactly the point. Thank you. You're history, kiddo.,你和我一样清楚You know as well as I do,有一半的警员是用直觉办案的that half of police work are cops following their hunches.,他们有线索就去追查They get a gut reaction to something, they go with it.,我以此鼓励我的手下I've encouraged this in my men,我全力支持罗斯伍德and I'm standing behind Rosewood on this all the way.,好 告诉我Good! Tell me something, Andrew.,你怎能自视为长官 How the hell do you still consider yourself a commanding officer?,你甚至无法管好你的手下You can't even maintain a supervisory relationship with your own personnel.,如今还顶撞上司And now you've superseded the chain of command.,-从此刻起 你被停职了 -什么 -As of this moment, you are suspended. -What?,-闭嘴 -根据那一条规定 -Shut up! -On what grounds?,你无能且无法控制手下的行动You have no knowledge of, nor control over your own troop's activities.,天杀的 哈罗德 你不能这么做Goddamn it, Harold, you can't do this!,我不能 我不会让这个调查弄糟了I can't do it? I will not have this investigation pissed away.,这个抢案对市长来说可能会变成政治危机This crime, this robbery, could be a political disaster for the mayor.,你听过不服程序吗 Have you ever heard of due process?,政策规定你二天内向委员会提出说明Policy requires us to give you a board of review within two days.,你有二天You got two days.,-我与你争到底 哈罗德 -卢茨局长给你的-I am fighting you on this, Harold. -Chief Lutz to you.,你去那里 我还没有料理完你们二个人Where are you going? I'm not through with you two guys.,你们还想多保住一下工作吗 Would you two boys like to hold onto your jobs just a little while longer?,你们向交通组报到 立刻生效You report to traffic duty, effective immediately.,是Yes, sir.,-嗨 -嗨 有麻烦 -Hi. -Hi. Trouble?,对Yeah.,-也许我能帮上忙 -它就停住了-Maybe I can help. -It just stopped.,-有加油吗 -我不知道-Is it getting gas? -I don't know.,你认为这是什么 安德鲁What do you make of this, Andrew?,你是谁 Who the hell are you?,维尼Vinnie!,宾夕法尼亚 阿兰伍德的监狱...country club prison in Allenwood, Pennsylvania,,绝食活动已经进入了第三天entered the third day of a hunger strike,,抗议被监狱方面侵犯的权利protesting the suspension of privileges by prison authorities.,监狱长说采取这些措施是为了执行纪律The Warden said the measures were taken to enforce discipline,,通过有线电视的好处教育囚犯价值观and to teach prisoners the value of such benefits as cable TV...,我最恨骗子迟到I hate crooks that are late.,重复洛杉矶的头条新闻Repeating now the top story from the LA news desk.,警察队长安德鲁 博戈米尔在光天化日之下被枪击Police Captain Andrew Bogomil has been gunned down in broad daylight,博戈米尔队长虽然生存 但是情况危急Captain Bogomil is alive, though he is in critical condition.,他正在主持字母劫案的调查He was leading the investigation into the so-called Alphabet crimes.,好了 杰姆 该你了And now, Jim, back to you...,比佛利山警局Beverly Hills Police Department.,这是阿克塞尔 福里警官This is Detective Axel Foley,-底特律警局的 -你就是那位 -of the Detroit Police Department. -You mean the one...,就是那位 我刚发现Yeah, that one. I just found out what happened.,能帮我接博戈米尔住的医院吗 Can somebody patch me into the hospital that Bogomil's in?,-当然可以 先生 -谢谢-Certainly, sir. -Thank you.,喂Hello.,-是那位 -是玲-Who's this? -It's Jan.,我才知道 很遗憾 出了什么事I just found out... I'm sorry. What happened?,他们在动手术 阿克塞尔They operated on him, Axel.,他不会有事的He's going to be OK.,我是说 我想他不会有事的I mean... I think he's going to be OK.,比利跟你讲Here's Billy.,阿克塞尔 那些人紧跟着他 预谋好的 冷血无情的Axel. This guy really nailed him. He set him up. Cold blood.,-谁 -字母犯罪集团-Who? -This Alphabet bandit.,你在办此案吗 谁在办这个案子Are you on the case? Who's on the case?,现在这全是政治事件 阿克塞尔It's all politics here now, Axel.,我想他们不会让我和塔格特侦办I don't... I don't think they're gonna let me and Taggart on it.,等一下Hold on a minute.,-嘿 王牌 -哦 马上来-Hey, Ace! -Yeah, I'll be out in a minute.,照顾玲 好吗 Take care of Jan, all right?,阿克塞尔 阿克塞尔 Axel? Axel?,王牌 抱歉来晚了 遇上这女子Hey, Ace, I'm sorry I'm late, but I run into this broad.,你就是那天在装烟的货车上的小子You're the fucking guy with the truckload of cigarettes that day!,记得我告诉你的吗 他对警察说来自水牛城Remember I told you about him? He told the cops he was from Buffalo.,拿掉你的眼镜Hey, man, take off your glasses.,我就知道是你 你差点使我被捕 我是被捕了I thought that was you, man! You almost got busted, I did get busted!,因为你 我的投资全泡汤了 维尼 你是怎么了 I lost my whole investment because of you! Vinnie, what's wrong with you?......