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 你去哪里了 我从7点就开始等了Where have you been? I've been waiting since 7:00.,我得去找烟火啊 上车吧Get in. I had to find fireworks.,我来开Let me drive.,快上来 我都一天没进食了Get in. I haven't eaten in 24 hours.,你到底来不来Are you coming or not?,这里人太多了It's too crowded.,你不是肚子饿吗I thought you were starving.,还是去个安静点的地方吧Let's go someplace quiet.,行啊Okay.,来这儿干嘛What are we doing?,就坐坐 听听音乐 聊聊天Sitting. Listening to music. Talking.,你怎么怪怪的 没事吧 一切都挺好的You seem weird. Is everything okay? Yeah,都7月了 你还穿这么多It's July. How many shirts are you wearing?,我冷 国庆这天气你还冷I'm cold. You're cold on the Fourth of July?,滚你妈的去死吧Fuck off and die!,干嘛 滚你妈的去死吧What? "Fuck off and die"?,闭嘴啦Shut up.,这是刚才得来速那里那辆车吗Was that car at the drive in?,刚刚在Ed餐厅那里我见过这辆车I saw that car at Mr. Ed's.,要不要我去叫他开走 待车里Do you want me to tell him to leave? Stay in the car.,那是你丈夫吗 不是Was that your husband? No.,那是谁 DarleneWho was that,别放在心上了Don't worry about it.,别和我打马虎 刚刚那到底是谁 真的谁都不是Don't tell me not to worry. Who was it? It's nothing.,我操Oh,我们走吧Let's go.,快点 DNow,找找你的钱包Get your wallet.,兄弟 你可把我们吓坏了Man,瓦列霍警局 我想报告一宗双重谋杀Vallejo Police Department. I want to report a double murder.,请提供你的姓名和所处位置May I have your name and where you are calling...,沿着哥伦布大道东行一里If you go one mile east on Columbus Parkway,在公园里的一辆棕色轿车里 你会发现两个a public park,被9mm口径的鲁格尔手枪射杀的年轻人They were shot with a 9mm Luger.,去年的那些孩子也是我杀的I also killed those kids last year.,再见Goodbye.,快吐出来Spit.,快点啊 伙计Come on,我吞下去了 为什么I swallowed it. Why?,因为有薄荷味It was minty.,你不能这样 对身体不好You can't do that. It's not good for you.,午饭盒Lunch box.,为什么不让我坐校车呢 因为我们要迟到了Why am I not going on the bus? Because we're late.,你今晚和妈妈还有Aaron一起过夜Okay,你是不是不喜欢这个新弟弟啊So,不是很喜欢 你还真诚实No,好好学习Learn a lot.,晚上会考你哦There will be a test tonight!,早上好Morning.,嗨 早上好Hi. Good morning.,早 早Morning. Morning.,矮子 今天的咖啡怎么样啊How's the coffee today,两分钟后编辑部开会Editorial in two.,先生们 早上好Good morning,早上好 早上好Good morning. Good morning.,Stanton 告诉Howe先生Well,有关征兵局的那篇稿子近乎完美the draft board piece was damn near perfect.,Graysmith先生Mr. Graysmith.,糟糕Horrid.,糟糕Horrid.,不太糟糕Not so horrid.,糟糕 我想我们采用那幅不太糟糕的吧Horrid. I'm thinking we go with not so horrid.,Paul 罪案方面有什么新闻吗Paul,芝士派对上 大家还没来得及坦诚相待Janice in Datebook left the fondue party,日记杂志的Janice就走了before everyone got naked.,这不是犯罪吗That's a crime.,你见过她吗 可不是开玩笑的Have you seen her? Wouldn't kid you.,恐怕会引发犯罪高峰It may be the beginning of a crime wave.,你得看看这个You need to see this.,快去把发行人找来Go get the publisher.,亲爱的编辑"Dear Editor,我是去年圣诞This is the murderer,在赫尔曼湖杀了两个青少年的凶手of the two teenagers last Christmas at Lake Herman,并且7月4日在瓦列霍高尔夫球场附近And the girl on the Fourth of July,杀了一名女孩子near the golf course in Vallejo.,为了证明我所言非虚To prove I killed them,我将于此陈述些许只有警察和我知道的细节I shall state some facts which only I and the police know.,圣诞节那宗案子 子弹品牌是Super XChristmas,总共开了10枪Ten shots were fired.,男孩仰卧 脚朝车子The boy was on his back with his feet to the car.,女孩则是The girl...,还是你来读吧 行吗Would you read that,女孩躺向右侧 脚朝西The girl was on her right side,7月4日那宗案件Fourth of July.,第一点 女孩穿着格子的宽松裤One,男孩膝部中枪The boy was also shot in the knee.,子弹是西部公司出品的Brand name of ammo was Western.,这里是密文的一部份Here is part of a cipher.,这份密文的其他两部分The other two parts of this cipher,分别寄往了are being mailed to the editors of,瓦列霍时报和旧金山观察家报的编辑The Vallejo Times and S.F. Examiner.,我要你们将这份密文刊登在报纸的头版I want you to print this cipher on the front page of your paper.,我的身份就隐藏在密文中In this cipher is my identity.,如果直到周五下午 这密文仍未见报If you do not print this cipher by the afternoon of Fry,星 期 五 69年8月1日 我将血洗周五夜F R Y,整个周末四处游荡I will cruise around all weekend,猎杀黑夜独行的人killing lone people in the night,杀完继续杀then move on to kill again.
    直到周末结束之时 杀满12个until I end up with a dozen people over the weekend. ",没有署名 只留了个符号It's unsigned except for a symbol.,是我多心 还是这看起来像是瞄准镜啊Is it me,今天就是8月1日Today's August first.,他要密文刊登在下午版上He wants his code in the afternoon edition.,如果观察家报没胆子登的话If the Examiner doesn't have the balls to run it,在湾区我们就是头条we scoop the Bay.,Al 这可是个宣称要枪杀12人的疯子Al,如果不登的话 他可能真的会这么做And not running this might make him do that.,如果我们登了 这可是个非常危险的先例If we run it,拜托 这可是很有报道价值的Oh,给这疯子一个舞台吗Well,公众会怎么看我们what does that say to people?,等等 瓦列霍枪杀案是真的吗 我们能确定吗Back up. Is this Vallejo story true? Do we know that?,Paul 什么 瓦列霍的罪案是我负责吗Paul? What? I cover crime in Vallejo?,对 是我 给我十分钟Yeah,我们把密文拍下来 然后再报警Let's shoot the code and call SFPD.,如果事情属实 起码我们手上有材料If it turns out to be real,行吧All right.,Graysmith 你不是还有个漫画要画吗Graysmith,嗯 对Oh,你好 我是旧金山纪事报的Paul AveryHi,我们刚才收到一封信I'm looking for someone,相关情况需要向你们了解一下to shed some light on a letter we received.,谢谢Thank you.,Mulanax警官Sergeant Mulanax.,警官 我是旧金山纪事报的Paul AverySergeant,我就是想核实一下I just wanted to check,你们是否有一桩尚未侦破的枪杀案if you had an unsolved firearm related homicide,时间是圣诞 或者一起7月4日的on Christmas and maybe one on July fourth.,我操Shit.,你们也收到了 对吧You guys got one,证实了 瓦列霍警局证实了这些枪杀案Confirmed. VPD,Al正在和观察家报通电话Al's on the phone with the Examiner.,他们也收到了同样的信件 但密文不一样They got the same letter with a different code.,还有先驱者时报So did Times Herald.,圣诞 两个年轻人在情侣小道上 均未生还Christmas,David Faraday和Betty JensenDavid Faraday and Betty Jensen.,7月4日 Darlene Ferrin和MichaelJuly fourth,应该是念Mayhew 总之他没死 女孩死了I think it's "Mayhew. " Anyway,凶器呢The murder weapons?,弹道分析 一切都和他的来信吻合Ballistics,先驱者时报好像想刊发了I mean,观察家报也会登 但不是头版The Examiner's going,我们应该印头版I say let's go front page.,如果他还杀12个人 那可就不是我们的错了If he kills 12 people,Robert 我们需要那篇漫画Robert! We need the cartoon.,你还没画完吗 不 我弄完了 Carol 我已经弄完了You're not finished? No,Thieriot还在这儿呢Thieriot's still here.,真的吗Really?,初版还有十分钟就要印了 CharlesThe first edition is off the floor in 10,等我们一下Give us a sec.,这样吧 重排Okay,咱们放到第四版We'll go on page... Page four.,谁先破译出这个疯子的名字就赢20美元 怎么样What do you say,他不会暴露名字的He won't give his name.,摩提斯酒吧 一起来吗Morti's? Anyone?,我也要去 走吧That's where I'm heading. All right.,把那些放我桌上 把灯打开Put those on my desk. Turn on the light.,把书拿上Grab your book.,去换睡衣吧Now go get your jammies on.,所有人 给我听着All right,密文被分成三部分The cipher's broken into three sections,每部分8行 每行17个符号each with eight lines and 17 symbols.,符号之间没有示意不同词语的分隔No breaks between the symbols denoting different words.,也没有译换可用的数字或线索No numbers or clues to substitution keys.,符号起码有7种不同的来源And you got symbols from at least seven different sources.,希腊 摩斯码 海军旗语Greek,天气代码 占星符号weather symbols,来看看这个密码 好啊Hey,你想试着解一下吗You wanna give it a go?,以前坐这儿的人可是个厉害的卡通画家 Bob BastianGuy who used to sit there was a great cartoonist. Bob Bastian.,不知为何 现在去做大众电视节目了Now he's doing public television. For some reason.,Paul AveryPaul Avery.,Robert Graysmith 我在这里工作9个月了Robert Graysmith. I've been here nine months.,对了 你说得没错 他没留名字You were right,谁破解的Who cracked it?,萨莉娜斯的一位历史老师和他的妻子A history teacher and his wife in Salinas.,我之所以喜欢杀人 因为很有趣"I like killing people because it is so much fun.,比在森林里打野兽好玩多了It is more fun than killing wild game in the forest,因为人类是猎杀起来最危险的动物Because man is the most dangerous animal of all to kill.,让我体会到了激情愉悦的感觉Something gives me the most thrilling experience.,甚至比和女孩子做爱还要爽It is even better than getting your rocks off with a girl.,最棒的地方在于 在我死后The best part of it is that when I die,我将会在天堂重生I will be reborn in paradise.,而所有被我谋杀的人 都将成为我的奴隶And all that I have killed will become my slaves.,我不会把我的名字告诉你们I will not give you my name because you will try to slow down,因为你们会试图阻止我收集奴隶的大业Or stop my collecting of slaves for my afterlife. ",我觉得这位朋友的脑袋绝对进水了Me thinks our friend's a tad bit fuckered in the head.,听说他为了帮忙 还专门给瓦列霍那边寄了解码表I heard he even sent Vallejo a code key,最底下一行是什么 多余的吧What is that at the bottom? Leftovers.,可能是乱序字迷Maybe an anagram.,你是怎么做到的How does one do that?,我喜欢谜题 我经常会去做I like puzzles. I do them a lot.,你是怎么知道他不会留名字的How did you know he wasn't gonna give his name?,危险的动物Dangerous animal.,危险的动物Dangerous animal.,什么危险的动物 线索在哪里What dangerous animal? How do I know that?,Paul 是的 TempletonPaul. Yes,立刻来编辑室 知道了Editorial,又来了一封信Another letter.,和之前一样 关于谋杀的细节More of the same. Details about the murders.......