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坏品位 Bad Taste英文字幕下载

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 Hello, emergency.,What service did you require, please?,Hello, quick! Anybody!,Just get help!,Where are you calling from, sir?,Kaihoro, phone box.,There was this roaring noise-,and a big white light in the sky-,and then these-these invaders started-,killing us!,Hold on sir.,I'll connect you with thedepartment of internal affairs.,No time! They're after me! I--,Hello?,Is there anybody there?,What do you think, minister?,Call a full-scaleinvasion alert, sir.,I'll phone the forces.,Fighters... Frigates...Footsloggers!,Perhaps that couldall be a bit showy.,I think this is ajob for real men.,Subtitles by Obscuritron,Just stop right there.,Stop.,I think you'd better kill him, Barry.,Jeez, he could be ministryof works or something.,Nah.,He's moving too fast.,Stop! This is definitelyyour last chance.,That's the story.,I always thoughtyou were left-handed.,Not bad.,The head shot'sthe only true stopper.,Jeez.,I hope I'm not the poor bastardthat's gotta clean that up.,Jesus.,Stick all the bits of brainin a plastic bag, Barry.,We'll need them for analysis.,No bloody way, mate.,You can come down hereand do that yourself.,You're the gung-ho scientist.,All right.,I'll be down straightafter lunch, but-,at least take a blood sample.,No need.,I'll just wring my strides out.,Oh well, at leastwe got one live specimen.,Yeah.,Seen anyone else about, Barry?,No. The place is completely deserted.,They're probably all dead!,That's at least 75 people.,Jeez.,I just hope we're in timeto save the world.,Well...,I just hope you gotit right this time.,No doubt about it, Barry.,I've been watching the skies.,And do you know what the skies did?,They pointed.,They pointed at this place.,Why can't aliens be friendly?,There's no glowing fingerson these bastards.,We've got a bunch of extraterrestrialpsychopaths on our hands.,Like a...,Like a visit from a planetfull of Charlie Mansons.,They've wiped outa small town for starters.,It's my guess they'll go onto something bigger next time.,Christchurch.,Wellington.,- Auckland?- Yeah, well, that wouldn't be so bad.,Well, you'd bettercontact the others, Derek.,They should be in range now.,And you'd better tellthem to keep an eye out-,for someone who couldbe heading this way.,- Who?- A collector.,There's some appeal on.,There's envelopesstuck on all the doors-,and today's collection day.,Hey.,There's something that's justoccurred to me too, mate.,What's that?,That joker youtopped a while back-,he might have friends.,I'd keep me eyes skinnedif I were you.,You needn't worry.,I'm not stupid, thanks.,Come in, Frank.,Ozzy, are you there?,Boys, are you there?,Turn it down, Ozzy.,That's elevator musicfor headbangers.,Frank, Ozzy?Are you there?,Yeah, we're here mate-,but could you usethe proper call sign?,There could be people listening.,There's nobody for miles, Frank.,Besides, I don't thinkwhispering's gonna help..
    He's got a point there, Frank.,What do you mean,nobody for bloody miles?,I thought you were in Kaihoro.,I am in Kaihoro-,and I was right all along.,They've done the entire town.,Who's done the town?,The extraterrestrial lowlifers.,And guess what?,We've caught oneof the bastards.,Me and Barry caught him lopingover the hills this morning-,just like he ownedthe bloody place.,Now do you believe me?,Jesus. Look, Derek.,Just keep him there.,You've got him secured?,Bloody oath.,Right. Now, don't touch him.,We'll be there in 45 minutes.,And look, whatever you do...,Don't harm him.,No physical violence.,And another thing, Derek.,Keep a careful lookout.,There could bemore of them about.,There was, down on the beach!,Hell. Well, look,don't go near 'em.,It's a little late forthat now, Frank.,What?,It wasn't me.,Barry shot his head off.,He had the magnum.,I knew it wasa mistake to issue weapons.,We're a government department.,Not a paramilitary unit.,Yeah. The Astro-Investigationand Defense Service.,Wish we'd change that name.,Due to the potentiallydangerous hazards involved--,All right, all right.,At least you managedto convince the minister.,Aren't you interestedin this joker we caught, then?,Of course we are, Derek.,Right.,Stay where you are then-,and I'll give you an eyewitnessdescription of this...,intergalactic wanker.,Well, I would describe him as-,sort of human-shaped.,He's got jeans and a blue shirt on.,Christ, he's nabbeda bloody farmer.,Yeah, but there's somethingstrange about him, though.,Like he's got a screw looseor something.,It is a bloody farmer.,Yeah, Derek strikes again.,This isn't going tobe another false alarm,like the Manners Streetinvasion alert, is it?,Well, how do you explain the disappearanceof an entire township then, Frank?,The kiwi Jonestown.,Of course, that's it.,Drinking beer laced with cyanidefrom little polystyrene cups.,Yeah, yeah. Okay, Derek,just do me one favor.,What?,Try not to make him extinctbefore we get there. Out.,Christ, what a dork.,How the hell didhe get in this team?,Well, this has buggered yourplans for conquering the universe?,My friend, the astro-bastard.,Time for talkies.,By the time my colleagues get here-,I want to have youbabbling in some...,extraterrestrial language.,Now, in case you don't wantto do what you're told-,I could always encourage youby hammering this cold steel...,into your fibula.,It'll sure poke a nasty holein your marrow, mate.,We'll get the old ball rolling.,Now...,What are you dirty "hooers"doing on my planet?,Bugger it!,Well.,Looks as if it's timefor the old count of ten.,One...,Two...,Three...,Six...,Seven, eight...,Nine...,Ten.,Derek!,Derek!,Derek!,Come in, Derek!,What?,Aw, jeez.,I should've expected that.,Derek!,Alright!,Quickly, Derek!,Come on!,Look, jeez, Barry,you've got awful timing. What?,Just listen to me.,You've gotta getout of there fast.......

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