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比佛利山超级警探4 Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F(2024)英文字幕下载

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电影:比佛利山超级警探4 (Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F)




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比佛利山超级警探4 Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F(2024)英文字幕下载预览

 大家好 底特律的朋友们 我是你们的朋友布须曼Hey, what's up, Detroit? It's your boy, the Bushman,,今天的底特律依然温暖舒适and it's another balmy day here in the D.,冰封雪冻的天气来临了Winter weather advisory in effect.,所以 除非你要去看红翼队的比赛So unless you're headed to the Red Wings game,,不然就别出门stay the hell off my roads.,现在WJLB电台继续播放音乐Now back to the music on WJLB.,《比佛利山超级警探:艾索·福里》,嘿!Hey!Hello!,喂 你们那边 我看到你们了!All right, there!I see you!,你好啊!What's up?,你坐在车里够暖和的吧 福里?Are you warm in there, Foley?,唉Hey...,你知道这样是会被我抓的吧?You know I can lock you up for that, right?,去你的 福里!Fuck you, Foley!,底特律的冰球球迷们Detroit hockey fans,你们准备好了吗?are you ready?,钱带来了吗?Got the money?,嘿 艾索Hey, um, Axel, uh...,我这么说可不是为了拍马屁I don't want to come off like some kiss-ass.,你懂吧?我只是想说You know what I mean? But I did want to say,,我当初从警 可以说是因为你you're kind of the reason I got into police work in the first place.,是吗?是啊Is that right?Yeah.,真是太过奖了Well, that's very flattering.,是啊 所以你管我要球票时Yeah, I mean, so when you reached out for the tickets,,我得说 我真的很兴奋 你懂吗?I got to say, man, I was pretty pumped, you know?,我跟我老婆说:"是艾索·福里!"你知道吗?Told my wife, "It's Axel Foley!" You know?,然后能来这里跟你交流想法And then, come down here, pick your brain, you know?,说真的 我以为你根本不喜欢冰球 所以这简直Honestly, I assumed you didn't even like hockey. So this is...,等等 你为什么会这么想?Wait, why would you assume that?,说我不喜欢冰球?为什么这么想?That I didn't like hockey? How could you just assume that?,噢 是因为 因为 难道是因为Oh, because...Because... Is it because...,不是的 别这样No, don't do that.,我没 我没有因为 那你I did not... I did not assume...Well, you...,因为我的外表 你就猜想我不喜欢冰球You had made an assumption based on this that I did not like hockey.,不是的 只因为你从没聊过冰球No, it's just that you never talk about hockey, man.,我只是 冰球是我与生俱来的爱好That's all I...Well, hockey happens to be in my blood.,是吗?It is?,我的曾祖父其实曾是冰球运动员My great-grandfather was actually a hockey player,在温尼伯的全黑人联赛里比赛in the Negro Leagues in Winnipeg.,温尼伯黑人队The Winnipeg Black Guys.,等等 居然有黑 我是说Wait a second, there was a Negro... I mean...,老天啊Oh, my God.,居然有全黑人冰球联赛?There was an all-Black person hockey league?,等一下 你号称自己是个冰球球迷Wait, so you gonna tell me that you supposed to be a hockey fan,却不知道曾经有个黑人联赛?but you didn't realize there used to be a Negro League in hockey?,我靠 艾索 真是太抱歉了Shit. Axel, I am so sorry.,我感觉太丢人了 听着 我能做得更好 我一定会的I feel awful. Look, I can do better. I will do better.,你在耍我呢 操!You're fucking with me!Fuck!,"我能做得更好"I can... I can do better.,我一定会的 我一定会 我不会继续这样的I will be better. I will be... I don't have to stay this way.,我会成为一个更好的白人"I can be a better white man.",我是这样吗?是的That's me?That was you.,好吧 如果我模仿你 那我 那就太冒犯了Yeah, but if I do you, then I am...Then it's wildly offensive.,听着 现在你有机会做得更好But listen, here's your chance for you to do better.,这里快要被抢劫了 你会找出罪犯This place is about to be robbed and you discovered by who.,通过你不懈的 百折不挠的侦察工作Through your relentless, in-game detective work.,等等 有人要抢劫赛场?Hold on, somebody's robbing the arena?,马上就会有人抢劫这里了 你拿着望远镜看看 看那边This place is about to be robbed. Look through these. Look right over there.,能看到朱尼尔·布林格吗?嗯Can you see Junior Bollinger?Uh-huh.,在伯克利杀害了珠宝商的七英里团伙 他和他们是一伙的He's been working with the 7 Mile crew that killed that jeweler down in Berkley.,等等 我靠 天啊Wait, shit, man...,警长不是把你撤出那个案子了吗?Didn't LT take you off that crew?,没错 是啊 如果他知道我还在追查朱尼Yeah.He did. And if he knew I was still following June,他会炒我鱿鱼的 所以呢 我们很幸运he'd probably shitcan my ass. That's why luckily,,碰巧来看比赛 然后你发现朱尼尔就在这里we came to the game, and you discovered Junior was there,,于是你决定我们一起抓到他 你明白了吧?and you decided that we should take him down. See how this works?,你要球票是为了这个 就是因为这个That's why you wanted the tickets.That's why I wanted the tickets.,你并不是真的想跟我出来玩 好吧You didn't wanna hang out with me...All right, well...,跟你一起出来玩挺好的 但我们还有工作要做It's very nice hanging with you, but we got stuff to do.,我们来帮你升职吧Let's go get you that promotion.,天啊Oh, God.,嘿 朱尼尔!妈的!Hey, Junior!Shit!,可恶 打电话叫人来Damn.Call it in.,他准备抢什么啊 艾索?Fuck is he robbing, Axel?,我也不知道 朱尼尔 你想抢什么?I don't know. Junior, what you robbing?,去你妈的 福里Man, fuck you, Foley.,我改邪归正了I went straight.,不错嘛 很不错Actually, that's good. That's very good.,喂 你看好了 朱尼尔 好的Hey, you got Junior here?Uh, yeah.,好的 抓住他 你要去哪儿?All right. Hold him.Where are you going?,艾索!Axel!,你们这帮混蛋是跑不掉的You assholes are never getting out of here.,他妈的闭嘴 给我趴好了Shut the fuck up and keep your ass on the ground.,嘿 我的装备呢?教练要让我第三局上场Hey, where's my gear? Coach wanna put me in the third period.,你他妈是谁?Who the fuck are you?,我他妈是谁?你他妈的又是谁?Who the fuck am I? Who the fuck are you?,你肯定还没听说呢吧 哥们You must not have got the memo, nigga.,你没听说温尼伯队的交易吗?我是这里的新人You didn't hear about the Winnipeg trade? I'm the new man up in this bitch.,给我他妈的趴下 老兄Get your ass on the fucking floor, man.,嘿 混蛋 我跟你说Hey, motherfucker. Let me tell you something.,我可是斯坦利杯的五次获奖者I am a five-time recipient of the Stanley Cup,,我可不喜欢哪个混蛋用枪指着我and I don't appreciate no motherfucker putting no guns in my face.,我只想拿我的守门员护腿 拿我的守门员护腿!I just want my goalie pads. Get my goalie pads!,你他妈的以为我在逗你玩吗?我他妈的可没跟你开玩笑You think this is a fucking game? This ain't no fucking joke.,别激动 你们可能没想到Easy, easy. This might come as a surprise,,我确实没赢过五次斯坦利杯but I didn't win the Stanley Cup five times.,开枪打死这个混蛋Shoot this motherfucker.,拿走东西Grab the stuff..
    别动!站住 混蛋Freeze!Freeze mother...,妈的!Fuck!,快点!Come on!,去骑摩托车!To the bikes.,福里!快点!Foley!Come on!,快上车!Come on!,老天啊 你这个年纪的人 大部分都开始过慢节奏生活了God, you know, most guys your age are starting to slow down,,做做办公室工作 去放松放松you know, taking desk jobs. Trying to relax a little bit.,这就是我的放松方式 你现在不放松吗?This is how I relax. Are you not relaxed right now?,天呐 完全不放松!God!Not relaxed!,我们得改成二号计划了We have to switch to Plan B.,这是一号计划?This was Plan A?,喂!Hey!Hey!,喂!Hey!,以伟大的密歇根州赋予我的权力By the power vested in me by the great state of Michigan,,我特此征用这辆车I hereby commandeer this vehicle.,去你妈的!别瞎编乱造了Man, fuck you!That's not a real thing.,我可绝对没有瞎编乱造It absolutely is a real thing.,你猜怎么着?你说得对You know what? You're right.,你绝对没有瞎编It absolutely is a real thing.,这不是瞎编 绝对不是It's a real thing. That's the realest thing.,我和艾索·福里一起追坏蛋 好耶!I'm chasing bad guys with Axel Foley. Hell yeah!,嘿 快打电话 迈克Hey, call it in Mike.,亲爱的 你猜怎么?Honey, guess what?,你肯定不相信我在做什么You're not gonna believe what I'm doing right now.,是啊 我和艾索Yeah, no, me and Axel.,我们阻止了一场抢劫 然后 喂 打给警局!We stopped a robbery and there's a...Hey!The station!,警局 我得挂了The station. Gotta... Gotta go.,去桥那里 快点!To the bridge!Come on!,对 我是迈克·伍迪警探 我和我的搭档在一起Yes, this is Detective Mike Woody and I am with my partner...,我们正在追击犯人...and we are in pursuit.,我们正开着一辆城市扫雪机And we are in a city snowplow.,L15 确认L-15, verify.,你在开扫雪机?You're in a snowplow?,没错 我们在开扫雪机呢 他妈的怎么了?Yeah, we in a goddamn snowplow!What's the fucking problem?,我们需要所有空闲的后援人员 前往湖滨街和第五街We need all available units on Lake Shore and Fifth.,我猜猜 福里Let me guess... Foley.,你刚刚说"福里"?Did you say, "Foley"?,小心!Watch out!Watch out!,天呐 妈的!给我God!Shit!Give me that.,伍迪 让我跟汽车城的肇事王聊聊Woody, let me talk to the Motor City shit magnet.,他想和你聊聊He wants to talk to you.,嗯 我不知道你在说什么 老大Yeah, I don't know what you're talking about, boss.,这件事是我干的 对 我只是I mean, this one's on me. Yeah, I was just, you know,,我刚刚看到一些可疑的情况I just saw something suspicious.,快点!然后 好吧 好的Now!And then... Yeah, okey-dokey.,嘿 杰弗瑞 老兄 我刚刚在看我最爱的红翼队比赛Hey, Jeffrey!Man, I was just trying to watch my beloved Red Wings,然后迈克·伍迪警探 木头人这家伙and then Detective Mike Woody, this guy... the Wood Man?,真是个了不起的警探He's a hell of a detective.,他认为这些家伙可能He thinks that these guys just might be connected,与第六大道南区珠宝店的谋杀案有关to the murders down at Southside Jewelers down on Sixth.,是吗 是这样吗?Oh, he does, does he?,无意冒犯 但伍迪警探No offense, but Detective Woody,已经有五年的时间 没解决过一起案件了!hasn't solved a goddamn crime in five years!,他终于成长了 杰弗瑞 那边!He's finally come into his own, Jeffrey.There!There!There!,那是什么声音?What the hell was that?,艾索 如果你破坏了任何市政财产Axel, if you damage any city property...,我尽力 杰弗瑞 但你也了解伍迪I'll try my best, Jeffrey. But you know Woody.,他可不会再让这些家伙逃跑了He's not gonna let these guys get away again.,是啊Yeah. Uh...,好吧 晚安All right, good night.,低头!Duck!,好吧 这让我有点紧张了 艾索Okay, getting a little outside my comfort zone, Axel.,还是别撞这么多车了吧?Maybe we don't hit so many cars, okay?,你得抓住这个升职机会 迈克It's time to solidify that promotion, Mike.,妈的!Shit!,是福里!It's Foley!,该死的福里Goddamn Foley.,别再撞车了!Stop hitting cars!,扫雪机的盲点也太多了吧There's a lot of blind spots in a snowplow.,不要啊!Don't!,我改主意了 我不想升职了!I changed my mind. I don't want a promotion!,太晚了!It's too late!,不要 我不是木头人!No, I'm not the Wood Man!,你就是木头人 你要升职了You are the Wood Man and you're getting promoted.,不要!你马上就有出头之日了!No!You're breaking your cherry!,不要 我不想出头No, I wanna keep my cherry.,现在后悔太晚了It's too late to turn back.,我们进不去的!Not gonna fit!Not gonna fit!,妈的!Shit!,谢谢你的球票 迈克 我玩得很开心Thanks for the tickets, Michael. I had a wonderful time.,不客气You're welcome.,别动!都他妈别动!Don't move!Don't fucking move!,你们是哪根筋不对?The hell is wrong with y'all?,该死 瞧瞧这个烂摊子 我们要怎么跟局长说啊?Oh, shit. Look at this shit. What are we gonna tell the Chief?,我们?这可是你的案子 迈克We? This is your case, Mike.,该死 我只想看冰球比赛而已Shit, I was just trying to watch some hockey.,这一点都不好笑啊That's not funny, man.,他来了 不愧是福里There he is.Classic Foley.,嘿 瞧瞧 是我们新来的首发守门员Hey, look!It's our new starting goalie.,(杰弗瑞·弗德曼 副局长),杰弗瑞!Jeffrey!,你在为自己骄傲吗?You're proud of yourself?,因为你看着挺骄傲的 你看着一副非常骄傲的样子Because you look proud. You look very proud.,你为我骄傲吗?Are you proud of me?,45分钟!Forty-five minutes!,警察总监冲我狂喊了整整45分钟The police commissioner just screamed at me for 45 minutes straight.,不对 是痛斥 他痛斥了我一番No, berated. That's what he did. He berated me.,老兄 我不想这么说 但我认为你不能再去街头办案了Pal, I hate to tell you, but I think your days on the street may be over.,我可不这么认为 我喜欢街头办案I don't think so because I like working the streets.,好吧 不过你猜怎么着?Okay, yeah. But then, you know what?,他们不希望再有什么侠盗剑客了They don't want swashbucklers out there anymore.......

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