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 -加油 加油 -加油 加油- Go, go, go! - Go, go!天呐Oh, my God!别哭Don't cry.别让他们看到你哭 海莉Don't let 'em see you cry, Haley.下次你就会打败他们You will get them next time.知道吗 因为你是什么来着All right? 'Cause what are you?你是什么What are you?顶级掠食者The apex predator.没错Yeah, you are.永远都是顶级掠食者Apex predator. All day.来电贝丝-怎么了 -没出什么事吧- Hey, what's up? - Is everything okay?我给你打了一早上电话I've been calling you all morning.抱歉 昨晚睡得晚 早起又要训练Sorry. Late night, early practice.你们刮飓风也要训练You're having practice during a hurricane?超过一百万人More than one million people重大新闻飓风温蒂降临佛罗里达州收到了强制疏散令now facing mandatory evacuation orders.预报说刮不到我们这里They said it was gonna miss us.你没收到手机上的警报吗Don't you get alerts on your phone?这次飓风分级很高It's gonna hit really hard.-路易 宝贝 -小兄弟 瞧瞧你- Louie, honey. - Hey, bubba. Look at you.话说回来 海莉 你有爸的消息吗Anyway, Haley, listen. Have you heard from Dad?没有 怎么了No. Why?他不接我电话He's not answering my calls.他可能也熬夜了Well, he probably had a late night too.我就是想确认一下他的安全Yeah, I just need to know he's okay.政府已经让整个南岸的人都撤离了They've already evacuated the whole south coast.也许他早就离开了Well, maybe he left already.也可能是在做什么傻事Or maybe he's doing something stupid,比方说硬挺到飓风过去like trying to ride it out.你了解他的脾气You know what he's like.妈怎么说的Well, what does Mom say?妈在巴黎Mom's in Paris.和白马王子在一起吗With Prince Charming?别调侃她了Give her a break.爸现在应该回我电话了Dad should've returned my calls by now.他总是及时回电的He always does.好 我开车去看看他Look, I'll drive down and check on him.-你疯了吗 -75号公路南向应该没车- Are you crazy? - 75 South will be empty.我两小时内就能赶到I can be there in, like, two hours.我可不能让你们两个都困在五级飓风里I'm not having both of you down there in a Category 5.那你为什么打电话给我Then why did you call me?我以为你可能有他的消息Because I thought you might have heard from him.我没有Well, I haven't.有一阵子没有了Not for a while.-你们又吵架了吗 -是他跟我吵- Did you fight again? - He fights with me.因为你们俩一模一样Because you're exactly alike.对 你更像妈妈Yeah, and you're more like Mom.置身事外的感同身受Empathetic from a safe distance.行 当我没说Okay, forget it.-贝丝 我得走了 -注意安全- Beth, I gotta go. - Stay safe.有他的消息就给我发短信If you hear from him, text me.-好 我爱你 -我也爱你- Okay. I love you. - Love you too.-再见 -再见 小可爱- Bye. - Bye, little cutie.时速可能达到241公里...maybe 150 miles per hour.这太可笑了 肯定是假的That is ridiculous. That can't be true.你要是觉得那个滑稽的话 听听这个I'm telling you, if you think that's funny, get this.-说 -帕斯科县的- Go ahead. - Pasco County治安官办公室已经警告群众sheriff's office have warned people不要向飓风开枪to not shoot guns into the hurricane.什么 不能对飓风开枪What? You can't shoot guns in a hurricane?那很危险Well, it's dangerous!民众在与他人发生对抗时无需选择退让可在认为生命安全遭受威胁时使用致命武力毕竟佛罗里达州有"不退让法"Florida is a stand-your-ground state after all.说得没错 所以我才住在这里Hell yeah, it is! That's why I'm here.鳄鱼养殖场爸爸你已接通戴夫·凯勒建筑公司 戴夫·凯勒的电话You've reached Dave Keller, Dave Keller Construction.我可能正在哪个工地上 请留言Probably up a ladder somewhere, so please leave a message.爸 我是海莉 回我电话Dad, it's Haley. Call me back.贝丝很担心你Beth's worried about you.说完了Okay.天呐 这都什么事Oh, man. What a shit show.我对天发誓 要是你早就走了I swear to God, if you've already left...减速 减速 减速 Slow down. Slow down, slow down.抱歉 女士 我们不能让你...Sorry, miss, we can't let you...海莉 你好啊Haley! What's up?韦恩Hey, Wayne.情况如何How's it going?不太好 撤离令把人们都逼疯了We've had better days. The evacuation drives people nuts.这家伙企图绕道走This guy tried to go around.今年没人开飓风派对吗No hurricane party this year?应该没有I don't think so.你姐姐还好吗Hey, how's your sister?你爸说她住在波士顿Your old man says she's living up in Boston.对 她挺好的Yeah. Yeah, she's good.其实就是她让我去看看我爸的情况She actually asked me to go check on him.恐怕我不能让你过去I'm afraid I can't let you do that.风暴正转向西边 冲着我们来呢The storm's turning west and heading straight for us.-我们不能放人过去 -拜托 韦恩- We're not letting anyone through. - Come on, Wayne.他不接电话He's not answering his phone.我熟悉道路Look, I know the roads.我去看一眼马上就回来 我保证I'll be in and out, I promise.真抱歉 海莉 我也想帮你 但我I'm really sorry, Haley. I wish I could help you out, but I just.我不能 我不想让你受伤I can't. I wouldn't want you to get hurt.好 我理解Okay, I understand.你回头有机会能去看看他吗Maybe you could check on him later if you get a chance?-好 我尽力 -谢谢- Sure, I'll try. - Thanks.路上小心Drive safe.替我向你姐姐问好Say hi to your sister for me.-好的 -好- Sure. - Okay.掉头Turn around.道路被水淹没爸爸去它的Fuck it.停车Stop!前方所有道路禁止通行All roads are closed up ahead.请回话Come in.停车Stop!请原地等待Just wait! Stay where you are.飓风温蒂预计将It looks like Wendy's now gonna go横穿本州right through the middle of our state.我们强烈敦促当地居民We strongly urge local residents听取所有的官方警告to listen to all warnings from officials.如果你处于疏散区 你一定要撤离If you're in an evacuation zone, you gotta get out.一分钟都别等You can't wait.我们 我们无力救援你们We... we won't be able to come for you.我希望本州的每个家长都在思考I hope every parent in the state is thinking,"我要怎样保证家人的安全""How do I keep my family safe?"布赖特洛克爸Dad?爸Dad?爸Dad!你好 糖糖Hi. Hey, Sugar.你好 狗狗Hey, girl.爸爸在哪Where's Daddy?我想你了I missed you.爸爸在哪 他在哪Where's Dad, hey? Where is he?没看到爸 但是糖糖在这里No sign of Dad, but Sugar's here.他不会丢下它自己走的He wouldn't have gone without her.很诡异 这里就像个鬼城 所有人都走了It's weird. It's like a ghost town. Everyone's gone.求你了 找个安全的地方Please, just get yourself somewhere safe,哪怕去避难所都行even if you have to stop at a shelter.你说他会不会去老房子了You think he went to the old house?不会吧 离婚后那房子就交给第三方保管了No, I think it's been in escrow since the divorce.贝丝 这里到处都是你 我和妈妈的照片Beth, there's pictures of you, me, and Mom laid out everywhere.这公寓真恐怖 太压抑了This condo is horrible. It's depressing.海莉 你不能再责怪他们了Haley, you have to stop blaming them.那是他们共同的决定It was their mutual decision.大卫·凯勒 抗抑郁药随便吧 我要去房子那里看看Whatever. I'm gonna check the house.不 你不准去 我不...No, don't you dare. I'm not hav...我来的路上遇见了你前男友韦恩Hey, I bumped into your ex-boyfriend Wayne on the way down.他不是我前男友He was not my boyfriend.随便你怎么说Whatever you say.还记得那次你俩被爸爸抓了个现行吗I still remember the time Dad caught you guys.住口 天呐Stop! Oh, my God.你怎么可能记得 你当时才...How do you remember that? You were like...我当时八岁I was eight.-天呐 -给我留下了终身阴影- God. - Scarred me for life.我永远摆脱不掉这件事了I'm never gonna live that down.对 摆脱不掉了No. Never ever.别那样看我Don't give me that look.我也想多回来看看 但我I was gonna visit more. I just...比较忙got busy.我想过自己的生活I'm trying to have a life of my own, you know.我喜欢来沼泽I love visiting the swamp.炎热 潮湿Heat, humidity,蚊虫mosquitoes.有什么理由不爱呢What's not to like, eh?对了 除了你Oh, yeah, except you.我可爱的毛孩子My little fur baby.谢天谢地Oh, thank God.戴夫·凯勒建筑公司致贝丝我到老房子了 他的卡车在这里来吧 糖糖Come on, Sugar.第三方保管由业主出售爸Dad!在吗Hello?爸 你在吗Dad, you here?爸Dad?水中抓人游戏马可 波罗 有人在吗Marco! Polo! Anybody?爸Dad!爸Dad!狗狗 他在哪Where is he, girl?快接Come on.海莉6通来自海莉的未接来电23通来自贝丝的未接来电紧急警告当前地区飓风温蒂警报 立刻避难紧急警告当前地区飓风温蒂警报 立刻避难电量低该死Shit.天啊Oh, my God.糖糖 怎么了 狗狗Sugar? What is it, girl?该死Shit.他在那里吗 你能听到他的声音吗 爸Is he there? Can you hear him? Dad?爸 爸Dad? Dad!我得下去 是不是I gotta go down there, don't I?行Okay.好Okay.没事It's cool.电工天天都干这活Cable guys do it all the time.爸Dad?留在原地 好吗Stay here, okay?老天Oh, God!爸Dad?该死Shit.爸Dad!......