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我的生命之光 Light of My Life中英字幕下载

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电影:我的生命之光 (Light of My Life)




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 你想听我讲个故事吗Would you like me to tell you a story?波波和久久的故事吗What, a Bobo and Jojo story?不 我没打算给你讲No, I was not planning on telling you a story经久不衰的波波和久久的故事about the enduring characters of Bobo and Jojo,但你提他们的名字时but you could mention their names可以稍微尊重一点with a little bit of respect.他们现在对你来说可能有些幼稚了I mean, you might be too old for them now,但你曾经可喜欢听but there was a time when you were insatiable有趣的波波和久久的故事了for a good Bobo and Jojo story.好吧 我听腻了Well, I am sated.没关系 因为我这次不讲他们的故事Well, that's fine, because it's not about them.我要讲一个新故事This is... is a new story.关于一个年轻女孩的故事...A new story about a young girl...别扯上我Don't make it about me.我没扯上你I am not making it about you.这个故事是关于一个年轻女孩...It's about a young girl...一只叫杰米的狐狸fox named "Jamie."-爸爸 -怎么了- Dad. - What?杰米是讲山间故事的书里的女孩 我说过了That's the girl from the mountain book, I told you.好吧 这个故事讲的是Okay, this is about a... this is a... this is the story一只年轻的母狐狸 她叫...about a young girl fox named...高迪Goldy.她有一位丈夫 因为她是一只成年狐狸了And she had a husband, because she was a grown-up fox她的丈夫叫...and her husband's name was, uh...阿特was Art,他们都成年了and they were grown-ups,所以一起住在一个小洞穴里so they lived together in a little hole.他们的狐狸洞And... Their foxhole.阿特是工匠 科学家 发明家And Art was kind of a tinkerer, a scientist, an inventor,也是游手好闲的骗子a futzer and fiddler,他喜欢把洞穴里的一切都收拾得干净整洁and he liked everything to be very clean and neat in the hole.他有很严重的洁癖He was very fastidious about this and that little thing.他还喜欢静静地待在洞穴里And, uh, he liked quiet time in the hole.而高迪却很...And so... And Goldy was very...吃苦耐劳 喜欢户外活动you know, very tough and outdoorsy.他们的性格截然不同So it was very, very different...爸爸 我说了别扯上我Dad, I said don't make it about me.我没扯上你 我在说一只叫高迪的狐狸I'm not making it about you. It's about a fox named Goldy.我也很吃苦耐劳 喜欢户外活动Well, I'm tough and outdoorsy.你总是这么说You say that all the time.好吧 那又怎样Okay. So what?我说的是一只住在狐狸洞的叫高迪的狐狸So this is about a fox, named Goldy, in a foxhole.没说你That's not you.有一天 阿特拿出了他的一件发明So, one day, Art took one of his inventions.一台天气预报机It was a weather-predicting machine,他把它带到了山顶and he took it up to... on top of a mountain.他在山顶上And he was up there,捣鼓着那台机器and he was kind of messing around with it.他想预测天气He was trying to predict the weather.他看到天边出现了大片的乌云And he saw these big storm clouds on the horizon,机器上的仪表表盘and the meters on his... on his little machine也像疯了一样在转动were going crazy.他不确定仪表的读数是否准确He wasn't sure if they were accurate or not他望向天边的乌云and he started looking at the clouds on the horizon,他看见另一处山顶上站着一个人类and... and he sees this human being on the other mountain peak.他穿着长袍和凉鞋He was in a robe and sandals,蓄着长须and this long beard,他正在朝着天上喊叫and he's shouting up at the sky, he's shouting up all... talking,他看起来很生气and he just looks bananas.阿特是一只很聪明的狐狸And Art was a very smart fox.当事情不对劲的时候He always knew when to listen to his inside voice他总会听从内心的声音 我之前说过了if something didn't seem right, just like we talk about.对的Yes, yes.他把机器装起来and he took... wrapped up his machine马上跑下山 远离这个人and he went down the mountain right away to get away from this guy.他回到洞穴 想告诉高迪And he went back to his hole and he wanted to tell Goldy他的发现 因为如果机器没出问题about his findings, because if they were accurate,就意味着一场狂风暴雨正在袭来it meant there was a gigantic storm coming.阿特最讨厌And... and Art, more than anybody, hated to...把自己弄湿弄脏了 他不喜欢he hated to get wet and dirty, and he hated when this...他们的洞穴被水淹没the... their foxhole flooded.尽管高迪并没有那么在意这些Though Goldy didn't really care that much.阿特不喜欢 所以他当初Art hated it, that's why he invented才发明了天气预报机the weather-predicting machine in the first place.但高迪不在洞里But Goldy wasn't there.于是他四处寻找她So he went around looking all over for her,却不见她的踪迹and he couldn't find her anywhere.但他注意到大伙儿But he did notice that all these crowds这些不同的动物are all moving in the same direction,都在前往同一个方向all these different animals.他跟着他们 想看看是怎么回事And so he went to see what was going on.他被动物们推着前进And he kinda got swept up, and he...他一路跟着他们来到了海湾he followed them all down to the bay.海里停着一艘巨大的木筏And there in the water, huge wooden raft,非常大really, really big.他思索着And, uh, he thought..."这东西造得不怎么样""That thing is not really built that well."就在这时And just as he was thinking that,又来了一大波动物he was sort of swept up in the next crowd of people,他被挤来挤去 推来推去and he got jostled around, and bumped up, boom,正好来到了高迪面前right up against Goldy.他对她说There she was and he said, um,"你去哪了""Where have you been?"她说 "我已经排了四小时的队了"She said, "I've been in line for four hours!"她不喜欢排队And he said... She hated lines.他说 "排队做什么"And he said, "In line for what?"她说 "排队参加比赛"She said, "In a line for the competition."他说 "什么比赛"And he said, "What competition?"她说 "每个物种最优秀的雄性和雌性"And she said, "The best male and female of each species,"也就是每种动物..."of each kind of animal..."我知道物种是什么意思I know what a species is."能够登上那艘大船参加冒险之旅""gets to go on an adventure on that big giant boat,"也就是诺亚方舟"Noah's ark."诺亚方舟的故事不是这样的This isn't how Noah's ark goes.这是我的故事Well, this is my story.叫"诺亚方舟"吗Called "Noah's ark"?我考虑过这个名字Well, I thought about Noah's ark,但是诺亚方舟只是碰巧出现在我的故事里but Noah's ark happens to be in my story.这个故事叫"阿特方舟"But this is called "Art's ark."阿特不想被抛弃So he doesn't wanna be left behind,不是因为他喜欢冒险not because he loves adventures,而是因为他很爱高迪but he loves Goldy very much他知道和她共度时光and he knows that just spending time with her才能维持这段婚姻is the way to keep their marriage going.于是他参加了比赛 但他不够出色So he enters the competition, but he's no good.他一下子就被击败了Instantly, he gets beaten.因为雄性狐狸的比赛标准是because the things that they are having the male foxes do谁的肌肉块头最大are all about who's got the biggest muscles,谁的毛发最有光泽之类的who's got the shiniest hair or fur, that kind of stuff,谁的尖牙最锋利who's got the sharpest fangs,但这些都不是阿特所擅长的and that's not really Art's thing.所以他输了So he loses.高迪和另一只雄性狐狸一起And Goldy is marched off with another male fox,还有其他的动物 一对一对地and all the other animals, two by two,登上了诺亚方舟onto Noah's ark.这只雄狐狸叫什么What's his name?他叫尖牙His name was Fang.他把自己的一颗小牙齿And he's sharpened one of his little,打磨成一颗锋利的尖牙little teeth to make it look like a snarling sharp fang.一群人类把动物们带上船So a bunch of humans march all the animals on.包括尖牙和高迪 他们都上了船And... including Fang and Goldy, and they're all on the boat,这时一个人类走了出来and then a man walks out, a human,就是之前在山顶上的那个人the same one that had been on the top of the mountain,他说道and he says..."你们好啊 我叫诺亚""G'day, folks, I'm Noah."你们好吗 你们好吗 你们好"How are you? How are you? Good day."你们好啊 你们好吗"G'day, folks. How are you?"大伙儿都看着他And people were just staring,所有的动物都看着他all the animals were staring at him.他说个不停 "你们好吗 你们好"He keeps saying, "How are you? Good day, g'day."好样的"Hey, good on you."他说He says,"你们是天选者 知道吗""Hey, you are the chosen ones, all right?"我要把你们带到天选者的农场"Take you out to the chosen ones' farm."天选者都在那个农场"Goin' to the farm where all the chosen ones are."你们好 你们好吗"G'day. How are you?"你们好吗 你们好"How are you? G'day."他登上了船He gets on.然后进了下面的船舱And then he goes down below,船慢慢远离了海岸and the boat starts to drift off from the shore.阿特痛苦不堪地站在岸边And Art's standing there, miserable,眼睁睁看着高迪远去 高迪朝他飞吻watching Goldy leave, and Goldy blows him a kiss,"我一周后就回来""I'll be back in a week!"一周后见 我爱你"I'll see you in a week, I love you!"电闪雷鸣Clap of thunder, flash of lightning,突然下起了倾盆大雨the sky opens up, and just rain comes out of nowhere,他浑身都湿透了drenching him, he's soaked.他讨厌湿透的感觉He hates being wet.他回到自己的洞穴 可怜兮兮地躺着He moves back to his foxhole, lays down miserable,他睡着了 做了个梦he falls asleep, and he has this dream,在梦里 高迪站在甲板上and in the dream, Goldy's on the deck of the boat,船在海浪中颠簸着and the boat's being tossed around,她喊道 "救命 救命"and she's yelling, "Help! Help!"阿特醒来发现洞穴里全都是水And Art wakes up, and his hole is full of water,水淹没了洞穴 他喊道 "救命"water sloshing all around, and he goes, "Help!"他大声地喊着救命He yells "help," himself, out loud.然后跳出了洞穴And he jumps out of the hole.他发现整个山谷都被淹没了He sees that the whole valley's flooded.像巨大的泥石流It's like a giant mudslide.他意识到诺亚肯定读过...And he realizes that Noah must have read...肯定也预测了天气predicted the weather too.他造的不是游轮 而是救生船He didn't make some fun cruise, he was making a life raft.而且所有被抛下的动物都活不下来And that everyone who was left behind was gonna die.但是只有阿特But Art was the only one了解额外的情报who knew this second bit of information,诺亚方舟有些粗制滥造that that boat was not made that well船上的大家也没法活下来and everyone on Noah's ark was gonna die too因为船会解体because it was gonna fall apart.所以他意识到自己只有一个选择And so he knew there was only one thing for him to do.他必须造一艘自己的方舟He had to make his own ark.-阿特方舟 -阿特方舟- Art's ark. - Art's ark!阿特方舟Art's ark!仅凭一己之力他没法造出来So he gets... He can't do it alone,于是他去找自己的老朋友河狸so he gets his old friend the beaver...河狸鲍勃Bob the Beaver.鲍勃是一只老...And Bob is kind of an old...他是一只老河狸 已经活了很久很久He was an old beaver, he'd been around forever.他的故事很了不起And his story's amazing,我以后再讲给你听which I'll tell you another night.鲍勃很不可思议 他是天才Bob's incredible. Genius.于是他找到河狸鲍勃 他们一起造船And so he gets Bob the Beaver, and they build this boat,他们一起建造了阿特方舟they build Art's ark together.他们甚至还加上了And they even put this other thing on it一根巨大的木桅杆which is this big wooden piece of... a mast,他们把棕榈叶编织在一起and they weave these palm fronds together这样就能利用风力 推动船更快地前进so it catches the wind and makes them move much faster.-一张帆 -一张帆- A sail. - A sail!他们制造出了史上第一张帆They put the first... they build... They make the first sail.阿特发明了帆Art invented the sail!阿特太厉害了Art was amazing.......

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