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 Well, thank you, thank you all,parents and town advocates alike,for joining us on this very special evening.We're here tonight to kick offour most ambitious school year yet.We've run the numbers, and folks,there's no simpler way for me to put it.Our children are getting smarter.Harvard, two. Dartmouth, two.Yale, three.U Penn, seven.Thank you....and my fellow trusteeswho wait all year longranking the top public schools in Americabased on SATs and college acceptance rates.And Roslyn is four.And now, I'd like to bring out the man responsible.- Congratulations. - Thank you.In his ten years here,he's revamped our education system.From pre-K all the way to high school.Please join me in welcoming to the stageour district superintendent and my friend,Frank Tassone.Good morning.Hey there, good morning.Go Bulldogs.Have we heard about Mr. Kopple?- Wife had twins. - Twins!- Late last night. - Nice. Send over flowersand maybe an edible arrangement.Can we, can we get these things out of here?- Oh, they're nice for morale. - Yeah, it'd be even nicerif they were shaped like ones.- You know, Dr. Tassone... - Hey.A wise woman once said it's not having what you want.- It's wanting what you got. - Mrs. Gluckin.I barely recognize you anymore what with the new name,new office, new job title.The same pay, same paperwork.July and August are all settled up.- Expenses booked and archived. - Perfect.And something else I wanted to talk to you about...Safety gates are all taken care of.I'm meeting with City Hall later today to go over strategy.Jeez, someone's had their coffee.- Yeah. - Uh, Dr. Tassone?- Yeah. - Uh, did you want your flightto the Vegas conference Friday out of JFK or Newark?Thanks, J. Whatever's cheaper works fine.And, uh, Mary Ann, is there any wayyou'd be able to grab my diet smoothie?- I was running late. - Oh, sure.Uh, but there's one more thing.Carol Schweitzer's been camped upin the conference room since 6:30.- Says it's urgent she speaks with you. - Okay, okay.- Chad. - Chad, Chad Schweitzer's...Okay, I'll take care of it.- Thanks. - Good luck.Stop it.Do us all a favor.If he's not out of there in an hour, call 911.And I am banging down doorsuntil somebody heretakes me seriously. All right?That Militzok, she plays favorites, okay?She wouldn't even let him take a bathroom breakduring the test, and he has a hyperactive bladder.Chad, honey, tell him how you...you know what, I have a note here from his doctor, okay?Ms. Schweitzer, just, just calm down.- Let's, let's just... - No one will listen to me.All right, I don't know what else I'm supposed to do.Chad, he is just as gifted as everyone else in his year.- Absolutely. - And...I'm scared, Dr. Tassone,because if he doesn't get into OMNI...and he starts to think of himself as less than...No, no, no, no, no, no, no.No, I will talk to Ms. Militzok.I will straighten this whole thing out.- You will? - Yes.And, and we'll just set a make-up test for Chad.All right, with ample bathroom time.Thank you, Dr. Tassone.I can't tell you how much I appreciate that.There's no need to thank me, all right?Chad's a smart kid with the world ahead of him,and it's our job to give him the runway.Thank you.It's funny.You know, Chad, when I was your age,I didn't even place into fast track math.- Really? - No. I couldn't nail my times tables.And at the time, I thought my world was ending.But I caught up. You know what?Now I set the math curriculum.Can I help you with something?Oh, no, it's okay.I'm just here for Mrs. Cremona.- Or Gluckin. - Ooh, she's not here,but I'm more than happy to answer any questions if...- Really? That would... - Mm-hmm, yeah.I don't wanna bother you if you're busy, but...No, come on in, bother me.I'm doing spreadsheets. Come, come in.Take a seat.I don't think we've had a chance to meet.- It's Rachel. - Rachel, right.Neil's little sister.Yeah. Wow, good memory.I hope he's keeping out of trouble over at Northwestern.Yeah, he loves it. He's doing bio-chem.Ah, well, they have great journalism there, too.Yes, they do.Okay, so they just, they want me to write an articleabout the SkyWalk proposal in the new budget.And I just need a pull quote from administration.Yeah, oh, okay. A sound bite, nice.We've been asking high schoolershow we can make their day easier,so we came up with this idea, the SkyWalk.a bridge, to link the school from end to end.And um, it's a huge undertaking for us.And we can't wait to break groundonce the plans are approved next May.Great, that's all I need. Thank you so much.That's it? No, no follow-ups?No, it's just a puff piece.They save the real stories for seniors.Rachel.It's only a puff piece if you let it be a puff piece.That's what they'll tell you over at Northwestern.All right? A real journalistcan turn any assignment into a story.Are you busy? Just a couple of colleagues want to convey thanks.Rachel Bhargava, staff writer for the "Hilltop Beacon."This is Bob Spicer, school board president.Oh, you're,You're in my daughter, Becca's year, right?Say hi to your dad for me.Nice to meet you, Rachel.And if you want to follow up, just set a time with Mary Ann, okay?And, uh, I'll be keeping an eye out for your byline.The demand is insane. It's skyrocketing.We're seeing three bedrooms gofor over a million in Roslyn Heights.Yeah, you just don't see those kinds of numbersin Syosset or Jericho.Right, but those towns are a further commute from the city.Not Manhasset, not Great Neck.It's the public schools. The better the school system,the higher the price tag on the homes, period.Our firm has sold nine separate lots in that areasince the report in that journal came out.And, uh, here's a little something- you know, from all of us. - Okay.Really, that's, oh.- Keep up the good work. - Well, thanks, everyone.- Dr. Tassone? - Oh, yeah.- Do you mind if we get a little... - Yeah, yeah, yeah.- Something for my office. - Great.- I really appreciate you... - Scoot in, scoot in, Will....coming in today.- Thank you. - Okay.- Okay, thank you. - Okay.All right? Yeah, let's let him...- Let him get back to work. - Thank you.- No, I really appreciate it. - Yeah.- Thank you so much. - Thank you.Okay.I can't eat these. Just, if you put them outfor everybody to pick at, that'd be great.They were out of the flax seed.That's okay, that's okay. Thanks.How much do you figure a guy like Bob makes at his regular job?Bob Spicer, you mean?High sixes a year, minimum.Maybe seven figures in this market.- Why? - Oh, forget it.You look tired.You might wanna go home early, get some rest.I gotta run Dickens.Maybe I'll try and bow out andget a headstart and early prep for Vegas this weekend.- I wouldn't bail on book club. - Why?Those women adore you,and each one talks to two dozen more.The next budget vote's only nine months away.- Right, our SkyWalk. - Yeah, the SkyWalk is big.Gets us to first. That's all that matters.This new diet is kicking my ass.What is that, even?It's got charcoal in it or something like that.Yeah, coal.I would kill somebody for a carb right now.I don't know where you could find one.You are such a bitch.......

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