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疯狂原始人2 The Croods: A New Age(2020)中英字幕下载

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 盖伊Guy?,盖伊 你必须得走了Guy. You've got to go!,-盖伊 没关系的 -不- Guy, it's okay. - No!,儿子 焦油越来越高了 你必须得走了Son, the tar is rising. You've got to go.,不 我不要丢下你们No, not without you!,不要看我们 看你的身后Don't look at us. Look behind you.,看到光明了吗 你得沿着光明前行 好吗Do you see the light? You need to follow that light, okay?,不要停下 不要躲藏Don't stop. Don't hide.,沿着光明前行Follow the light,,你会找到明天and you'll find Tomorrow.,"沿着光明前行""Follow the light.",旅行日志 我是盖伊Travel log. Guy here.,自出发那天起已经看到了14次月亮It's been 14 moons since the mission began.,我沿着光明前行 但还没找到明天Following the light, but no sign of Tomorrow yet.,旅行日志 已经29个月亮了Travel log. It's been 29 moons.,还是没有明天的迹象Still no sign of Tomorrow.,我倒是找到了这个小家伙I did find this little fellow.,他跟我一样 孤身一人He's all alone, just like me.,他很擅长瞭望He's a good lookout.,我在考虑叫他"望望"I'm thinking of calling him "Watch.",旅行日志 已经54个月亮了Travel log. It's been 54 moons.,73个月亮Seventy-three moons.,110个月亮A hundred and ten moons.,200个月亮Two hundred moons.,旅行日志 已经Travel log. It's been...,很多月亮了a lot of moons.,那么多月亮All the moons.,还是没有明天的迹象Still no sign of Tomorrow.,有东西接近 皮带猴 伪装模式Something's coming. Belt, disguise mode.,那是个人It's a person!,哎呀 没错 那就是我Oops. Yeah, that was me.,嗨 我是小伊Hi. I'm Eep.,为我自己说句话 我这辈子都住在洞穴里In my defense, I had been living in a cave my whole life,,真的很少跟别人接触and I didn't really come across other people very often,,更别说 男孩了let alone... a boy!,好好想想 我们是世界上仅有的And to think, the only two teenagers,两个青少年 我们还找到了彼此in the world, and we found each other.,就好像是命运把我们聚在一起It's like fate brought us together.,我全家都爱死他了My whole family loved him...,除了爸爸...except for Dad.,不过最后 盖伊还是把他拿下了But eventually, Guy won him over.,-这是火 -是火啊- Fire. - Fire.,现在我们在环游世界And now we're traveling the world,,寻找一个完美的家园searching for a perfect place to call home,,一个盖伊称之为明天的地方a place Guy calls Tomorrow.,明天Tomorrow.,盖伊是不是很棒Isn't Guy amazing?,他带给我一种有趣的感受He gives me a funny feeling,,感觉像胃里有蝴蝶like I have butterflies in my stomach.,不只是中午吃的那些蝴蝶 还有别的Not just the ones I had for lunch, but other butterflies.,我不知道这种感觉是什么 但它像这个I don't know what this feeling's called, but it looks like this.,这个 这个 还有这个And this, and this, and this!,我太爱画这个形状了 我不知道为什么I love drawing this shape! I don't know why.,但感觉就该这样It just feels right.,小伊喜欢盖伊 小伊喜欢盖伊Eep likes Guy. Eep likes Guy.,真恶心 是不是 道格拉斯Gross. Right, Douglas?,妈妈 桑克又看我日记Mom! Thunk is looking at my diary again!,桑克 别惹你姐Thunk, leave your sister alone!,别这样 小伊 分享一下Come on, Eep. Share the tablet.,-我还没完成呢 还给我 -我不- I'm not done yet! Give it back! - No!,孩子们 别打了Kids, stop fighting.,打他 小伊 打他的大腿根Get him, Eep! Go for the groin.,你们再这样我就让大猫掉头了I will turn this death cat around!,一路上有很多阻碍There have been plenty of obstacles along the way,,但没有什么是克鲁德一家解决不了的but it's nothing us Croods can't handle.,后面有几个发怒的袋犰在追我们We've got some angry kangadillos on our tail.,皮带猴 安全带模式Belt, seat belt mode.,我告诉过你 别走峡谷I told you, don't take the canyon!,-知道了 -你从来没走过峡谷- Okay! - You never take the canyon!,疯狂原始人2:新纪元,放开她Drop her!,仙蒂Sandy!,都给我集中点注意力Hey! Get your head in the game!,不愧是我女儿That's my girl.,击掌Boom!,-击掌 -击掌- Boomsies? - Boomsies.,爸爸总说 "一家人要在一起"Dad always says, "The pack stays together.",一家人要在一起The pack stays together!,但和盖伊在一起But with Guy,,有时让我感觉世界上只有我们两个人sometimes it feels like it's just the two of us.,♪ 我想我爱你 ♪♪ I think I love you ♪,别这样Come on!,♪ 我想我爱你 那我到底在害怕什么 ♪♪ I think I love you so what am I so afraid of? ♪,♪ 我怕我不能确定 可爱情没有解药 ♪♪ I'm afraid that I'm not sure of A love there is no cure for ♪,我接住你了I gotcha.,♪ 我想我爱你 生活不就是由此构成吗 ♪♪ I think I love you Isn't that what life is made of? ♪,-坚持住 我来了 -我来吧- Hang on! I'm coming! - I gotcha.,♪ 尽管我不想说 我从未有过这种感觉 ♪♪ Though it worries me to say that I never felt this way ♪,小伊Eep!,♪ 我想我爱你 ♪♪ Hey, I think I love you ♪,♪ 那我到底在害怕什么 ♪♪ So what am I so afraid of? ♪,♪ 我怕我不能确定 ♪♪ I'm afraid that I'm not sure of ♪,♪ 可爱情没有解药 ♪♪ A love there is no cure for ♪,好 饿啊So... hungry.,再来一次我也还是会吃的I still would've eaten that.,好了 大家All right, pack.,在过去的十分钟里没有东西想要我们的命Nothing has tried to kill us in the last ten minutes,,所以我们在这宿营吧so let's camp here..
    外婆和桑克 你们给大家找个睡觉的地方Gran and Thunk, you find us a place to sleep.,-就这吧 -这里不错- Here. - Here's good.,仙蒂和大猫 你们站岗Sandy and Chunky, you stand watch.,我和乌格去觅食Ugga and I will forage.,盖伊和小伊呢 盖伊和小伊在哪Guy and Eep? Guy and Eep?,盖伊和小伊Guy and Eep!,听我说Hello! Hey!,你们负责生火You're in charge of the fire.,-没问题 爸爸 -交给我们吧 爸爸- No problem, Dad. - You can count on us, Dad.,不准叫我爸爸Don't call me that!,嘿Hey.,"嘿"什么"Hey" what?,嘿 美女Hey, you.,嘿 帅哥"Hey, you" back.,我先说的Uh-uh. I "Hey, you'd" first.,我也对你说了And I'm "heyying" you right back.,瞧瞧他们Look at them!,盖伊以前有那么多点子Guy used to have so many ideas.,我是说 他还是当初那个给我们火的人吗I mean, wasn't he the one that gave us fire?,现在他一点用都没有Now he's useless!,他们俩这样永远没法生存下去Th-They'd never survive on their own!,好饿啊Hungry.,我知道 桑克I know, Thunk,,我们一会就吃干树枝和苦树根and we'll eat our ration of dry twigs and bitter roots,只要某两位家人 我就不提名字了just as soon as two pack members, who shall remain nameless,,赶紧干活把火生起来do their jobs and start the fire!,别这样 哥们 放松点Come on, man. Just chill.,你少说"别这样 哥们" 我放松你个No, you "come on, man!" I'm gonna chill your a...,冷静 阿瓜Hey, hey, hey, Grug.,别急 冷静点 大块头Easy. Calm down, big guy.,你知道的 阿瓜 到最后You know, Grug, eventually,,小伊和盖伊 他们会想Eep and Guy, they're gonna wanna,成立自己的家庭的 就像我们以前一样start their own pack, just like we did.,这是我们的天性It's our nature.,没门 不可能No way. Not happening!,一家人要在一起才会更强大The pack is stronger together.,真棒 你做到了Yes! You did it!,小伊才不会离开我们 不会的Eep would never leave us. No.,说的好像小伊 算了吧Like Eep would ever... Come on.,不 不要No. No!,一家人要在一起Pack stays together.,小伊 小伊 你醒着吗Eep. Eep, are you awake?,是啊Yeah.,等一下 我这就过来Hold on. I'm coming over.,嘿 外婆Oh. Hey, Gran.,-嗨 -嗨- Hi. - Hi.,他能听到我们说话吗Can he hear us?,不会 他睡觉很沉的 什么都听不到Nah. Once he's out, he's out.,-嘿 -嘿- Hey. - Hey.,不不 这个"嘿"是提问的意思No, no. This is a "hey" with a question. Um...,那个 我在想So, uh, I was thinking...,那不是我的手That's not my hand.,好吧Anyway, uh...,我睡不着 我在想明天I couldn't sleep. I was thinking about Tomorrow.,我们的明天Our Tomorrow.,我们的明天 你什么意思Our Tomorrow? What do you mean?,我的意思是What I mean is, um,,也许我们的明天maybe our Tomorrow is different,和这个家族的其他人不一样than the rest of... of the pack's.,也许我们的明天是属于我们自己的地方Maybe our Tomorrow is a place of our own, you know?,像个家一样 只有我们两个的家Like a home. Just the two of us.,只有我们两个吗Just the two of us?,盖伊 我会很想念我的家人的Hmm. Guy, I'd really miss my family.,但那听起来太棒了But that does sound amazing!,一个属于我们自己的地方吗A place of our own?,我们的家吗Our home?,我们的家里可以有花吗Ooh! Can our home have flowers?,当然 还有蝴蝶Sure can. And butterflies.,加上一条潺潺的美丽溪流And a sweet, babbling brook?,以及隐私And privacy.,什么是"隐私"Ooh! What's "privacy"?,意思是 你可以只闻你想闻的脚It means you only smell the feet you wanna smell.,所以So, um...,你 小伊·安珀·克鲁德do you, Eep Amber Crood,,你愿意和我共度明天吗think you could spend your Tomorrow with me?,我愿意I do.,我要去睡了 我会梦到我们的家的I'm going to fall asleep and dream about our home.,-晚安 盖伊 -晚安 小伊- Good night, Guy. - Good night, Eep.,只有他们两个吗Just the two of them?,又是耳语又是亲吻 扰乱我宝贝女儿的心Warping my baby's mind with whispers and kisses.,"阿瓜能听到我们说话吗" 当然"Can Grug hear us?" Oh yeah,,阿瓜听着呢 全都听到了Grug hears. Grug hears all.,你们说的那些只属于你们两个的地方All about your private two-person house of Tomorrow,,还有耳语啊 亲吻啊 潺潺的美丽溪流啊whispering, kissing, butter-babble-brooking.,那他妈的是什么What the heck is that?,桑克Thunk,,别叫了make it stop.,再睡一会Hit snooze!,别叫了 肚肚Stop it, tummy.,又是一个美丽的清晨Another glorious morning.,你说什么 你想玩吗What's that? You wanna play?,叼回来 伙计Go get it, boy!,不 仙蒂No, Sandy!,妈 仙蒂又去抢道格拉斯的棍子了Mom! Sandy's fetching Douglas's stick again.,那是什么声音Uh, what's that?,作战队形Kill circle!,把保险栓拿掉 宝贝Safety off, babe.,谢啦Thanks.,今天是个赴死的好日子Today is a good day to die!,大家 你们绝对猜不到我找Hey, everyone! You'll never guess what I fo...,对不起 亲爱的Oops. Sorry, honey.,我们以为你是捕猎者要杀我们呢We thought you were a predator trying to kill us.......

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