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致命诱惑 Fatal Attraction英文字幕下载

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电影:致命诱惑(Fatal Attraction)




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 There is one thingI'd like to ask you.,How do they make that slime?,First they take some water.,Then they add some jello powderand some flour. Sometimes soap.,Then they dump it over me.,- We'd better get going.- Where from?,I've always wondered that, too.I just don't know.,Interesting. Is it always green?,It usually is,but I guess it could be red.,Or it could be blue.,Or yellow.,- Daddy, telephone.- Thanks, darling.,Hello?,Hildy, I'm fine.I just stubbed my toe.,Hang on one second.Honey, it's hildy.,I'll call her back.,She's in the bathroom. She wantsto know what you're wearing.,My black suit.,She'll wear a black dress.,It's business.You know how those things are.,Ellen, don't mess withmy make-up. I'm late.,- Is the red dress ok?- It's perfect.,Did you hear that?You got it. Ok, see you later.,I told you a million timesnot to play with my lipstick.,So when are you gonna listen to me?Silly girl.,Honey, where's my blue suit?,On the back of the door.,Shit! Shit, shit, shit!,Shit, shit, shit.,- Hi.- Hi, Christine.,- How are you doing?- Good.,- Where's mommy?- Mom? She's in the bathroom.,I got you a present.You want to see what it is?,Do you like it?,Ok. Come on, let's go find mommy.,So then,she's talking to me about sales.,Chuck. How are you?Will you make it, Friday?,- I'm there.- We need you. We're in the cellar.,Is my hair ok?,- You look great.- I'm serious.,- You're the prettiest woman here.- You liar.,- Hiya, Bob. How are you?- Glad you could make it.,Sorry about the meeting tomorrow,but we've got a crisis.,I understand. My wife Beth.,- Bob drimmer.- Pleased to meet you.,- I hope you like Sushi.- I love it.,- How did he hurt his neck?- Screwing his wife.,- Are you serious?- You should see his wife.,They took her out on a stretcher.,- You guys are bad.- Champagne?,Let's go. Champagne for everyone.,- With a twist.- Four champagnes.,Excuse me. Hi.,How are you keeping?,Excuse me.,Jesus! Thank you. Fuck.,- Thank you.- No, thank you.,What cultural eventare we celebrating?,- Some exercise manual.- Not another one?,This one's different.,Based on ancient samurai discipline.,Look at this guy.What is that, part of the ritual?,Hey...,Hi, there.,- If looks could kill...- You haven't lost your touch.,I think she likes me.,I think you're batting zero for two.,She was undressing me with her eyes.She had trouble with the buttons.,A signed copy.,- Here you are, ma'am.- Thank you.,- Can I get a champagne, please?- You got it.,I'm not saying anything.I'm not even gonna look.,Was it that bad?,I was glad I wasn't on the receivingend of that one. Cheers.,I hate itwhen guys come on like that.,Jimmy's ok. He's just a littleinsecure, like the rest of us.,- My name is Dan Gallagher.- Alex forrest.,Nice to meet you.What is your connection here?,I'm an editor at Robbins & hart.And you?,I'm with Miller, Goodman and hurst.I do your legal work.,I haven't seen you at their office.,I've just been with thema couple of weeks.,I have to go.,- Is that your wife?- Yeah.,Better run along.,It was very nice to meet you.,"Obsessed with your body."What does that mean?,- Give me a break.- Give you a break?,What does this mean?,How many did you buy?,- Thanks again, Christine.- Any time.,Goodnight.,Aren't you forgetting something?,Quincy, let's hit it, pal.,You're such a good boy, yes.,You did such good business.You did good business.,You're the best boy.,Goodnight..
    It's just for tonight, honey.,When you see the house,don't show any interest.,- Otherwise we can't negotiate.- Stop worrying.,- Ellen, are you chewing gum?- Why worry? We can't afford it.,Just up the road from mom and dad.,- Another reason not to buy it.- I didn't hear that.,We can't afford the goddamn thing.,Come on. Hold on, honey.,Let's not worry about it.I haven't seen the damn place yet.,I may not even like it.,Ellen? The gum? Thank you.,Come on, Quincy.,Quincy's got to stay with daddy.Daddy's gonna be all alone.,Sorry, Quincy.Don't forget to walk him.,- I promise.- I hope you have a good meeting.,- Ok. See you tomorrow night.- Love you.,The third time up,he looked like a jellyfish.,- Hi, Bob.- Sorry to ruin your weekend.,- Give my apologies to your wife.- David.,Help yourself.,- How are you feeling?- Don't ask. Henry's away.,I asked Alex forrest to stand in.Anybody know where she is?,She's on her way.,Since we've got some time, tell uswhat happened to your neck, Bob.,That's cute. Very cute.,- Sorry I'm late.- Dan, this is Alex forrest.,- We've met before. Hi.- Hello.,- Ok. Can we get started, Dan?- Here's the story.,You want to publish a novel,about a senator from New Jerseywho's fooling around.,A congressman from Ohio claimsthe character's based upon him.,He's filed an injunction.,The congressman's bald. This guy'snot and he's from a different state.,- Without those books we're screwed.- Fine.,But to prove thatit's not based on this congressman,,I have to know the truth.,Now, strictly betweenthese walls, all right?,Did the author have an affairwith mr Ohio or not?,Yeah, she did.,But she had a lot of affairswith other politicians.,Any one of themcould make the same claim.,She swears this character'sfictitious. I just phoned her.,And you believe her?,Yeah, I believe her.,Now that's on the table, what canwe do to lift that injunction?,Can we get to the congressman?,They take campaign contributions.Can we buy or frighten them off?,Is there something in his past?We need to use some leverage.,Give me a break, will you?,Come on.,Come on!,Come on.,- Was it made in Taiwan?- Yeah. These are tough to find.,Wait, wait. Here. We got one.,Come on!,Want to go get a drinkuntil it stops?,Yeah, I'd love it.,Come on.,The strangest case I ever handled?,The truth was,I never actually handled the case.,But the strangest caseI ever came near to,was when my parents got divorced.,My mother asked me to represent her.,- You're kidding?- That's what I said.,She said,"you know what an asshole he is.","You've been a witnessto this marriage for 29 years.",- This is coming from my mother.- How did you get out of it?,Well, you can'tturn your mom down.,So, I escaped on a technicality.,- Which was what?- I didn't practise family law.,It was true, you know.And she bought it.,- You're making it up.- Could I make that up?,Waiter?,- I've got a lot of pull here.- I noticed.,- Coffee?- I'd love one.,Two coffees, please.,Well, I tell you...,- Do you want one?- No, thank you.,It's funny being a lawyer.It's like being a doctor.,Everybody's telling youtheir innermost secrets.,- You must have to be discreet.- God, yeah.,Are you?,Am I what?,Discreet.,Yes, I'm discreet.,Me, too.,- Can I ask you something?- What?,Why don't you have a date?,- It's Saturday night.- I did have a date.,I stood him up.That was the phone call I made.,Does that make you feel good?,It doesn't make me feel bad.,So, where's your wife?,Where's my wife?,My wife is in the country with herparents, visiting for the weekend.,You're here with a strange girlbeing a naughty boy.,Having dinner with somebodyisn't a crime.,Not yet.,- Will it be?- I don't know. What do you think?,I definitely think it's up to you.,I can't say yet.I haven't made up my mind.,At least you're very honest.......

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